Kingmenu: Thanksgiving Special: Ultram-an Kids Visiting Mother 30 million light years. Is here!!




The character “Ultraman Kids” is a mischievous and naughty and never-honored student, but with a adorable cuteness. Around 1980, the “Kids” character, created by a bold attempt to deform the giant hero Ultraman, was born with a variety of related goods by design policies that emphasized laughter and cuteness.


M7.8 stars where monsters and ultra warriors live happily, a rescue boat arrives in the school yard of the star, and Grosser raises the child who was left on the rescue boat as “Mar” and raises it. Ma is having fun with the surrounding monsters and friends, but it is completely unknown where the parents are doing. Meanwhile, the school is about to graduate, and everyone decides to go out to space drive with their own spacecraft to commemorate graduation, but suddenly the spacecraft runs away and flies into space with Ma and others on board, Bartan, the Baltan Alien, uses the spacecraft “Baru” made by his mother to help Mars, and they search for Mar’s parents and start an adventure around the universe.

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Tiger Mask Episode:07 The Bloodstained Tiger Kingmenu Subs

Okay fans of  Tiger Mask, I been holding out to introduce a new member to the staff, and he is very helpful in this particular series in the duties of translation , and also a very big fan of the original Tiger Mask, I guess your wondering who is he?and what he goes by well proud introduction is in order. Please support his efforts and contributions to this series cause he is a great help..and the drum roll!! we welcome Infinit1  And oh yes we have a lot of surprise in-store for you Die-Hard Anime Fans.. Now onward to this post The mortal combat between Tiger Mask and Black Python was still going on. Tiger took the iron black jack from his opponent, but he then remembered Ruriko’s words. Tiger Mask hesitated, and let the iron blackjack fall to the ground. He had listened to Ruriko’s cry. Python will not have overlooked this chance. Python picked up the blackjack that Tiger Mask had dropped, and started attacking him But at the last moment, Tigermask …well you have to see for yourself…also look forward to Tiger Mask II coming soon..we haven’t forgotten that series and yes were going to rap that one up KM.


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