Kingmenu Presents:“I Am Son Goku: The Osamu Tezuka Story” A Tribute To The Godfather Of Anime & Manga!

Osamu Tezuka, or should I say Doctor Osamu Tezuka? Where do i begin?? His name invokes so many fond memories of my youth watching shows and reading his manga, If it wasn’t for him..i wouldn’t be doing what I do now. Where do I start?? We been sitting on this movie for quite sometime, and a few months ago, I just chance on finding this in my collection. And brush it off to review this. After watching it. I hurry up and called Shockwave to view this. And you know Shockwave went head over heels! And said what are you waiting for? let’s subbed it..!! Well I hesitate, for a second…cause this is the work of Osamu Tezuka, My idol! And I hold him very dear. But after some convincing from the Staff ..all of us got into this. Here a insert from a site I look up on the background of this movie…

I Am Son Goku: The Osamu Tezuka Story. Tezuka Osamu Monogatori: Boku wa Son Gaku August 27, 1989. 70 minutes, 10:00 p.m. to 11:25 p.m. Directors: Rintarō, Masami Hata. Development: Kuniaki Yamashita, Rintarō, Masami Hata. Character design: Osamu Tezuka (classic characters), Yoshiyuki Momose, Norihiro Matsubara. Music: Haruhiko Maruyama.

This is listed on almost all anime websites as the 12th Tezuka Pro movie for the Love Will Save the Earth NTV telethons. But Yoshimi Suzuki of Tezuka Productions says that this really means that it was part of NTV’s 12th annual telethon in 1989. There were no animated TV movies at all during the 1987 and 1988 telethons.

Osamu Tezuka intended for this to be a new science-fiction version of the Chinese Monkey King legend that he created as a newspaper manga during the 1950s, I Am Son Goku, and as Toei Doga’s Alakazam the Great theatrical feature in 1960 and Mushi Pro’s Goku’s Big Adventures TV animated series in 1967. But Tezuka unfortunately was hospitalized and died during the early planning stage, in January and February 1989. His staff at Tezuka Productions turned it into a combination of that and a tribute to him. The first half is Tezuka’s idealized biography as a young boy, from his interest in insects (mushi) which gave him his childhood nickname, his professional pseudonym, and the name of his first studio; through his seeing the Chinese animated feature that created his desire to become an animator, and the World War II years. The second half is his s-f version of the Monkey King legend, set in 3010 A.D. I Am Son Goku: The Osamu Tezuka Story was the final Tezuka Pro TV special. Tezuka was dead, and whatever agreement he had with Nippon Television was ended. Let’s just hope that Osamu Tezuka is smiling and looking down at all his fans! And to the fans out there that supports us we thank you for continuing enjoying this site…so fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

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Patarillo! Stardust Plan Is Here!

Hello Fans of classic Anime..stumble on a gem here..very obscured here in the U.S. Star Dust Plan or as in Japan called Patarillo Stardust Keikaku Movie 1983…this is a real gag movie, here the load down on this. Patarillo! is set in a society much like ours in most ways, with one decided twist. The manga on which it is based is one of the much-read works produced for adolescent Japanese girls that features a healthy proportion of gay men and beautiful teenagers aka bishounen (beautiful boys). Most of the action takes place in Marinera, the land of eternal spring, located somewhere in the South Seas. The country is a major producer of diamonds; they provide much of the basis of conflict in the anime series. They come from one of the most prolific mines in the world, owned by the king of Marinera, the vertically challenged but horizontally endowed boy-king Patarillo himself. The International Diamond Syndicate – a huge semi- criminal organization/ secret society dedicated to taking over the world’s entire diamond supply- wants that mine and will stop at nothing to get it. In the early episodes they send off a number of bishounen assassins to do in Patarillo, which necessitates his having a bodyguard, the English MI6 agent, Major Jack (‘Bishounen-Killer’) Bancoran. Bancoran’s nickname doesn’t mean he shoots bishounen in cold blood. The soubriquet comes from the fact that no male under the age of 17 can resist his sexual fascination. This, to Bancoran’s eternal disgust, includes Patarillo himself. The action switches often from Marinera to MI6 headquarters in London (London seems to be an easy two hour’s flight from the South Seas) or Bancoran’s palatial condo in the suburbs of same. (MI6, be it noted, looks a lot like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, while Jack’s ‘apartment’ bears a passing resemblance to Randolph Hearst’s spread.) The action also goes into the past and future and out into space. Patarillo evidently gets around. Patarillo! Stardust Plan Published work on July 10, 1983 . At that time OVA did not exist, as part of the media development, such as ” Space Battleship Yamato ” and ” Mobile Suit Gundam ” etc. were made into a movie after the airing. Basically it is faithful to the original, but unlike the original, Dr. Schugheerg of humans has appeared in the original of animation, he is said to be the identity of the international diamond exporting organization No. 1. Guest character Junior – Keiko Toda (real name Bjorn) Andrésen – Tajima Seiko (Junior twin brother)  Schugg – Otsuka Norio  Mee – Masaya Mineo. Tells us what you think of this classic Anime Movie way before the OVAs always we thank yo fans for your supported, Kingmenu and staff.

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