Tiger Mask II Danger! Japan Pro Wrestling, Is Here!

This is the basic summary of episode 09 Match starts Inoki faced the crisis early, the Tiger Brigade. Inoki was Mr. Who No.1 No.2 special sandwich, kick, distorting the face and fell to the mat.  The tiger was replaced the same sandwich kick prey. George has watched on TV in the hospital, Mr Who set offensive just excitement.  And was looking forward to the moment and showing a clean fight in Tiger when forced to fix definitely an unfair penalty to dabble in should be. However, even if Tiger is how opposing the relic in her attacks, was devoted to Takizawa. Compete in a full sandwich kick so much distressed, also focused on the enemy in front.  However, whenever Japan camp attack, Mr. Fu pair overcome because of a foul. Badness is the Tiger’s back it is couldn’t stand any longer but Inoki is when Tiger trapped in the bloody murder weapon attack and jump to the rescue. ”Is the heart of a boy riding on this! This one has it all! Brought to you by Kingmenu, Makki, and Yes Shockwave 2015 also!

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Fight! Ocean space explorer

This is the most hardest show to find! This gem Anime from

  • 1965 December 141967 October 31 to Nippon Television was broadcast in the system. All 52 episodes (the number of talking to split broadcast period is small, because it was carried out the re-broadcast of the story up to that from December 6, 1966 until October 24, 1967).
  • Nippon TV’s first domestically produced animated television series.
  • Broadcast time (Japan time), in December 1965 in the Tuesday 18 hours 15 minutes – 18 pm was a 45-minute, 1966 January and later moved up 15 minutes, Tuesday 18 pm – it was 30 minutes at 18 .
  • The previous fiscal year is rare in anime PT program , although providing sponsor did not, the late cooperative dairy industry of one company provides has become. It should be noted that re-broadcast was continued cooperative dairy industry one company provided, but after the cosmetics maker Utena and became one company provide.
  • Not that this title is video software into up to now, is nothing that can be taken up in nostalgia program, the main part of the viewing is very difficult. what is presently can officially viewing, LD · VHS “mania favorite book nostalgia ~ Lee TV anime theme collection” From the opening video is the only. Production company of the day aired ( Nippon Television video see) successor Nippon TV video is because that disbanded in ’72, film administrator at the moment is not generally known. (Parent company of the country movies and also referred to) The storyTime immemorial, suddenly submerged while building an ultra ancient civilization Mu . But, some of which began to live in the dome, which was built in the seabed. And the end of long years, Mu who became a psychic.

    When modern. In order to determine the best psychics in the dome, the Battle of once a year has been carried out. Boy ocean space explorer one person strong sense of justice. Another person Butch boy gluttonous goby. The fight was a win of ocean space explorer. and misplaced anger was gluttonous goby, the escape to the sea to destroy the dome. Ocean space explorer also to sea chasing after the gluttonous goby. So ocean space explorer Meet one of the beautiful girl. She was Yumi sister of international cross police and Kaizu Secretary. Ocean space explorer became the thing to work as a member of the international cross police on the recommendation of Yumi is nuclear.

    Eventually happen Mystery. But it was the large-scale ones not up to it. That should be it, he all these series of incidents gluttonous goby was involved. Ocean space explorer While you fight gluttonous goby, even to solve these incidents, would escape the gluttonous goby.

    Eventually cornered gluttonous goby, when to trigger the ultimate weapon to destroy the earth, to fight ocean space explorer and the last to bet the place. In ocean space explorer you win the end of the fierce battle, gluttonous goby is “evil until now, all the body inferiority complex that did not win in their” admitted defeat and, teach the location of the ultimate weapon. The final ocean space explorer who stopped the operation of the weapons forgive all, two men went back to the seabed of Mu. Kaizu secretary who knew the return of ocean space explorer in the letter left behind can teach to Yumi us, I muttered to see the sea. …… And “when you meet now, I want to be a normal human being.”


    ESP who is the main part of the hero. It came from the seabed of mu and chasing the gluttonous goby, it becomes a member of the international cross police on the recommendation of Yumi, is to fight the evil of gluttonous goby and global succumbed five types of ESP. It specializes in teleportation.
    Main part of the villain. Ocean space explorer it’s super ability of the owner of the average, but ambitious In large of Butch. And to escape the mu out of spite you lose the battle in the mu, to Kase to Earth of evil. It specializes in telekinesis.
    Main part of the heroine. Ocean space explorer and acquaintance coming out on the ground, I recommend the enlistment of ocean space explorer to cross international police led by Kaizu Secretary is the father. Pretty is the largest of understanding’s ocean space explorer.
    In father of Yumi, international cross police chief.
    One of the international cross police.
    Fight! ocean space explorer “(Fight! ocean space explorer), the boy king had been serialized in Yamano Koichi original, Ina Takashipicture of cartoon work. Also it was the original TV cartoon .



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