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28 thoughts on “Kingmenu

  1. Excellent site and wonderful work!!!!

    Pardon me if I bother you, but looking back on older posts I very often can’t find any link to view or D/L the video, or if it’s on Vimeo they say the video does not exist anymore. Is there any problem or the videos are being moved or reorganized?

    Thank you very much for everything.

      • Kingmenu: If you can do a kind of ” release page ” with every episode, all the links, storyline, actors etc for Miroku that would be awesome 🙂 In case you want to do this, I will put the page adress and everything on my site aswell and as a courtesy you can make the link to the soundtrack that I ripped offiicial here. What do you think about that?

      • Hello again KingMenu, Shockwave and all the rest of you on the team. Perhaps this is more of a PM discussion, you’ll have to choose on that one. Great work digging up Fuuma no Kojirou: Yasha Hen (風魔の小次郎 夜叉篇) !! Great old school shounen anime. I did enjoy it so much that I couldn’t hold on for the other releases of this 6-episode OVA, therefor I got ahold of all the Fuuma no Kojirou anime that’s been released 🙂 That is the RAW’s, so to say. If there’s something I would complain a little bit about from your release, it’s the quality itself, both the picture and that I can see another Asian language sub in the background.. Perhaps you guys would like to have the Raws that I managed to download? It includes: Yasha Hen, Seiken Sensou Hen and Fuuma Hanran Hen. The quality is great in my opinion. Get in touch, either way, and good luck with the project!

        Regards /GnK

      • Hmm…You got the Raws to this GouNoken?/ Most definitely Like to continue with that series , it part of the reason we opted doing anymore cause we couldn’t find a decent quality Raw and we used an old on with chinese subtitle on it and place our titles over it..We would be more then happy for your contribution and you will be credit on these shows for providing this , this is shockwave2016 which Fuma no kojirou was my favorite you can reach us at which is our email on our site here also ! I’ll let Kingmenu know he will be excited! again thanks to you fans! We can continue with this and redo the earlier episodes Shockwave2016

  2. Hello my name is GiulioHello my name is Julio’m Italian and I really enjoy a series called 009 cyborg and in particular I translated into Italian by the 2001 series subtitles in English found in internet, now I’m always the subtitling of the 1968 cyborg series only of that I have English subtitles until episode 13 and episode 16 then I do not find anything else around but coming to your site I understand that with you this Shockwave jobs that should have made the subtitles in the series that I mentioned so I wonder if you can not at least have them from episode 14 onwards. I’d be grateful

    • Hello Giulio, I have to look into that 1968 series, Hopefully i can find the Raws to that series? Episode 14 on up? I remember The skaro Hunting Society a few yrs ago was doing that, and honestly I don’t know if they still is doing that series .But I’ll check into it Kingmenu.

      • Thanks for the reply and sorry for my very double messages didn’t want to disturb you but I care about this series. The skaro Hunting Society stopped at episode 13 and until this I then I need the episodes from 14 onwards and for all I know the episo raw I found in the internet. If you manage many Italians happy headlights thanks

  3. Hello, could you please continue the series Tiger Mask 2, you guys are the only ones who have it in english subtitles, i really appreciate your work and time that you put into these series.

  4. hey, idk if there’s still interest in subbing the original Tiger Mask anime but if there is i managed to find the raws for the original Japanese version of the anime a while back and would be more than happy to provide you with them

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