Dororo Episode 19 Leica Dog and Ken Leica (らいかけん) Direct Download Is Here!

Okay on my previous post I posted Dororo Color Pilot, But then I remember that there was another one I done earlier during 2013 with Shockwave! We were inspired by how good the subtitles were presented by Skaro Hunting Society! We fell in love with the show! We knew that they were doing them! Well the early episodes! So I wanted to do one so I jump way ahead to do episode 19 Leica Dog
and Ken Leica (らいかけん).This was my first time I done a Osamu Terzuka Anime! Which I was quite uncertain. After it was completed I put it away! With no intentions of ever presenting it for viewers! Like the color pilot We done later it was just for us to view! Out of all the story-line in Dororo this particular episode wasn’t originally in the manga!  This episode was solely made I guess as a filler episode, which I quite like and I thought it wouldn’t step on what Skaro was doing! Well Shockwave2014 said posted it and see what fans think! Well here it is and it will be DDL for you fans! Coming soon Later!

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Dororo The Color Pilot Is Here!

Direct Download Link: One of Mr.Osamu Terzuka Masterpieces, I’m sure you seen the character before! shucks My pal Nanto done a great run on this series! But I’m sure that not too many people seen the color pilot of the anime1 Which Terzuka was originally intended to be, but finances in production film it in Black and White ! speaking of which this was the last Anime show that was filmed in B/W I won’t drag this out, since everybody that is an Anime Fan knows the story of Dororo but if not here is  a brief Synopsis A warlord promises 48 demons that he will donate the body parts of his unborn son in exchange for power. The baby is born as little more than a lump of flesh and is cast into a river, from which it is rescued by a kindly physician. He replaces the missing parts with prostheses, and the child, now a grown man called Hyakki-maru, resolves to slay the 48 demons and regain each of his missing limbs and organs. As he sets off, he teams up with Dororo (baby-talk for dorobo, Japanese for thief), a girl thief whose parents once tried to lead an uprising.

Dororo began as a 1967 manga by Astro Boy-creator Osamu Tezuka. Inspired in part by Shirato’s Manual of Ninja Martial Arts, which featured similar Marxist undertones, it incorporates elements of Tezuka’s Black Jack, another driven, patchwork hero with a little-girl sidekick. The manga series was canceled early, before Tezuka’s planned shift in focus to Dororo’s coming-of-age, and the anime version retains the slightly misleading title-the stories broadcast remain primarily the tale of Dororo’s companion. From episode 14 onward, this was reflected in a name change, to Dororo and Hyakki-maru. Director Sugii and a roster of future big-names emphasized a realistic look, making a virtue out of the monochrome production. Okay back to myself this is one that was completed last year 2013 if you notices the subtitle by Shockwave it will say the year 2013 one of our earliest collaborations. Oh we never touch or posted any of our last year subs, but this is one I thought I share. enjoy kikingmenu      .vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h29m54s228vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h36m33s106vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h37m20s51 vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h30m56s82vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h31m15s26vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h32m14s95vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h32m44s141vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h34m04s207vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h34m35s224vlcsnap-2014-08-30-23h33m47s25