Happy Anniversary To Kingmenu Site! 4 Years! Anime Special Variety!!

Yes it has been 4 years!! Wow! Have time flies by! To the fans we thank you for your support always. As I’m typing this blog..were steady working on Tiger-Mask II and few other surprises. We been a bit slow these pass few months taking care of personal things..but we haven’t forgotten you fans. and we’ll be back in full speed coming months. So in the mean time here are a few unreleased OVA Anime  we help our buddy on his You-Tube channel a few months ago. But decided to why not give these a post also..if some of you fans haven’t seen them? Here are a few:

Gail Force OVA.


Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato OVA English Subtitles


Heaven Wars Shurato OVA, Episode 02.



OVA anime Gall Force 1





Tiger Mask II Butcher’s Challenge Episode 23 Is here!

Like I said fans we will continue onward with the series, I know you been waiting on this, but were been quite busy here on technical things..But we getting up to speed.. So far..Pete began to live at Santaro celebration home with Tatsuo. Adults who care to someone else during the fight, while Pete and Kazuya were relaxed gradually.  Had turned up today as well, enjoy baseball as a member of team asunaro. People camped out to secretly spend in the celebration House, on the other hand, Tatsuo. In Tatsuo fellow reporter, Saiga. Saiga, Midori and Ishimatsu, but insistently Tatsuo feature asked was. Like that Saiga tryst with the SPI Secretary Geller.  In hired Saiga, Geller was gearing up on the orders of Hassan Tatsuo checks hoping money and status. Tatakituketa a challenge of the Tiger Mask 2 black sorceress Abdullah the butcher, so fold. Tiger was told this challenge through the Inoki also “always win the fight! Appeared, Mr. professional karate and hero is referred to as King, well not giving it all away but check it out fans!


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