Osomatsu-kun 1966

Yes Kingmeu is back again! With an oldie for you Die-Hard Fans!! A classic comedy series I’m sure you will enjoy with the little ones! Meet the Osomatsu boys—sextuplets who look, speak, dress and talk like the same. They only add to the hyper eccentric residents of the town who easily break any boundaries defined by common sense. Check your logical thinking and reason at the door and immerse yourself in everyday lives of unique characters who are wild both in appearance and temperament! Six childrenThe hero of this work, the son of Matsuzo and Matsushiro. At the basic setting is 10 years old (fifth grade of elementary school). Height 150 cm, weight 46 kg.Even though there are individual differences in personality, everybody likes mischief and gold and food stickiness. Moreover, I long for Totoko.Appearance · Clothes are exactly the same for six people, it is virtually impossible to tell. Sometimes people who do not know of course can not even distinguish between friends and parents, and the main trend in the early story is that the six-son makes a misunderstanding by using it and struggles to put out personality on the contrary. The reason why the same clothes are the same is because mother Matsushiro says “Because you will make it cheaper if you buy the same thing in half a dozen units. Chibi Tai The rival of the six children. As the name suggests, the height is low, but the age is basically the same as the six children, and often it is above. Leaves only one hair, it features a big round eyes (small black eyes) round bald headed.Osomatsu-kun ” which is the first work of anime version broadcast from NET TV and its affiliated station from February 5, 1966 to March 25, 1967 . Production was handled by Mainichi Broadcasting and Children’s Corner and Studio zero that belonged to the same group at the time . It is also the first television animation production work everyday broadcasting, and it is also the first in-house production TV animation by Osaka Bureau.

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Apocalypse Zero: Kakugo no Susume Complete OAV. 02 Finale.

Here it is fans! This anime was certainly unique and wild and crazy..but very typical in the Apocalypse time. Well here the breakdown….Kakugo and Harara are two siblings who have been trained to fight demons, monsters, and other creatures that are now roaming about in the post-apocalyptic 21st century. Along with their superior fighting techniques and specialized skills, they were also given special suits called Zero armor, which were made from the souls of dead warriors. Unfortunately Harara succumbs to evil within the Zero armor, and Kakugo is the only human alive that has the skills and equipment to defeat his sibling.



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