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Yes you read right. We closing . It was fun, now we need a well deserved vacation, and also to focus on some personal interest out side the rems of Anime, But not to worry, the staff will return next year. And the site archives are still here. We hope you enjoy this site , and we are  thankful for your support. As always we wish you an Happy Holidays and Best Wishes..from  Shockwave 2015, Strike-Zone 2015, Strike-Force 2015,  Makki, and last but not least Kingmenu51852075206efbce7e00224e_549ad624fa72c5ac4935188b_320

Seasons Greetings Holiday Special “Rita” Soundtrack”

Yes fans we staff here haven’t forgotten the holidays, No sir! and we thought that we shared this little gem, from the episode 11 Iron Mask story. It was played in the background, and in remembrance of the heroine ‘Rita” we thought this should be added to the series. And to you fans we hope to see you again next year..the site will be down for the month of January 2016. But fear not! We will returned..with more surprise!  Oh here a little background on the story with more detail…Iron MaskAssassin of the universe Wrestling Federation, No. 4. New York -born. Height 175㎝, weight 75㎏. Good technique, Iron chop. Tsukaite of Tai Chi. It has applied a numbing agent charged it to claw to the glove. It came to Japan for Mr.WHO assassination and Tiger Mask overthrow. Among the bout with Tiger, you notice the identity of each other.RitaVoice – Yumi NakataniReporters at the beauty of brown blue eyes of “LA Daily Times”. Episode 10, 11 episodes of guest heroine. To Japan in order to interview the relationship between the star brothers and Space Wrestling Federation. Once, a woman wrestler who received special training of hell in the hole of the tiger with Tatsuo, owner of ability that did not notice that the other Trainee is a woman too too strong. In the slums born, to know that the authorities are trying to evict the slum residents, receives the contract money from space Wrestling Federation in order to acquire the whole city, it became the assassin. Although loved Tatsuo, abandoned Looking back the depth of their own work. Send Midori. The identity of the Iron Mask.”Rita” (Episode 11)Lyrics – Hotomi Kanuma / composer-arranger – Shunsuke Kikuchi / song – Kawashima Kazuko

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