Tiger Mask II Episode:04 The Tiger Absorb His Blood! Is Here!

Here we are again, Its keeps getting better! This time Tiger Mask confronts the tyrant Bat Mask! Another Evil wrestler from the Mysterious organization of The Fighters of Space. this one is a real shocker! And we hope you fans enjoy this series! cause we sure do! And we are just getting started on really setting the stage for excitement pack series, which we hope you fans jump aboard! We look forward to you thoughts on this series. As usual we owed it all to you fans and your support!

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Tiger-Mask II Episode:03 The deadly battle masked men! Is Here!

Who is the mysterious fighter Space-Mask? And what is his true purpose?  Yes fans! here another episode of Tiger Mask II, Yes we are having a blast with this series! and we hope you get on the ground floor with this!  Tiger Mask II (1981–1982) series, Production Co: Toei Animation. vlcsnap-7994-06-05-20h10m01s877vlcsnap-3441-01-18-01h29m47s088vlcsnap-3420-08-03-06h53m14s460vlcsnap-7274-05-24-17h30m27s772vlcsnap-4792-12-01-10h25m15s924vlcsnap-9245-05-24-21h05m29s615vlcsnap-8572-08-21-01h32m54s628vlcsnap-8758-07-22-21h04m55s669vlcsnap-9732-03-27-21h06m02s561vlcsnap-4837-01-05-08h39m44s611vlcsnap-9106-10-03-08h40m37s692

Direct Download: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/fuqive7i24u7npv/Tiger_Mask_II_Episode_03_True_Kingmenu_first_2015_encode.mkv

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