High School Mystery Academy Seven Wonders Episode:02 The 13 Emergency Stairs Menu-Staff Subs New Download Link is here!!

Mizuki Ichijo, a high school girl who attends Kosen Gakuen, gets involved in various psychic and mysterious phenomena that occur at the school.

Mizuki Ichijo: Michie Tomizawa
Akiko Tsukikage: Chieko Honda Tearko
Nango: Chiyoko Kawashima
Makie Ishizawa: Miyoko Aoba
Yukari Kawai: Kotono Mitsuishi
Noriko Goto: Hinako Kanamaru and

Original: Jiro Tsunoda
Director: Shin Misawa
Animation character / animation director: Hiroshi Kanazawa
Music: Ryutetsushi
Ending theme: Akira Mitake
Production: Fuji TV Studio Comet



Shockwave Chronicles Post Presents Sex Craft OVA Episode:01 for the Adult Anime Fans

Hey adult fans this is just for you , I hope that viewers are 18 yrs or older,please for the adults. When Kumi and her friends are playing with the witch board, they accidentally summon an evil ghost figure. The ghost controls the girls, using them to steal other people’s sexual energy. later, Kumi no longer acts of her own free will and unknowingly has sex with men. Because of that fear, Kumi tried to exorcise the demon with “Mia Kakuta”. Meanwhile, a rapist with powers from another world is a spirit figure. When the exorcist Mia investigates, she finds a man with an insatiable sexual appetite who wants to fulfill his lust in a death that makes him unable to live.