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Tiger Mask II Tobe! Tatsuo Aku Episode:29 Is here!


Yes the countdown begins to the finale, Hey fans that been following this series, were on our way and we hope you fans are still watching this series. So here a bit of the story: The funeral of Saiga ended without a break. This time, Gina must escape safely from Japan. After contacting her friends, Gina has to wait for her friend’s helicopter in Hakone. To take Gina to Hakone, Tatsuo asked Midori for help.
Tatsuo, who hid Gina in her car trunk, pretended to be golf and headed for Hakone early in the morning. The SPI, which had previously marked Tatsuo, was following. Of course, Tatsuo, who had seen through such a thing, shook his pursuers with the help of Midori and safely arrived at Hakone with Gina. So stay put..cause here we go again!! KM

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