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  1. Red Baron remake Nice .I don’t think Anyone ever did that and it’s a great show from 94.
    I think it’s still available on the tms website as a streamer .I now ot just was rebroadcasted on one of Japans cable systems. Does this mean your doing it?
    Nice to see your letting your good work speak for it’s self not a loud intro.

  2. Thank you very much for these many old school classics! Just found this site today, thanks especially for Wolf Guy and Miroku among others. It would be great if you had a site separate from the main page where one could download everything that you guys have released. It’s been tricky to get everything that I wanted. If I where to wish for anything for you guys to fansub related to old school anime, it would be these titles for the moment:

    The 2 Hengen Taima OVA’s
    Otoko Katayama-gumi
    Dragon Fist

    more Go Nagai animes and titles by Leiji Matsumoto.

    I wish you all the best of luck!


      • I would say that Wolf Guy and one of the eps with Miroku was too hard to find. Would be great if you (KM) could send me a list of everything you guys have subbed via PM and perhaps a link. If you’re interested in those OVA’s/Animes I listed, I almost got them all with Japanese audio. By the way: will Kingmenu fansub the rest of the Wolf Guy OVA series? For some background info on me: I provided the Raws for Genshi Shonen Ryu and helped out a little with translation and QC for Hokuto no Gun, at the moment I’m helping Nanto on Skaro Hunting Society in the same way to release SF Saiyuki Starzinger. Aswell as being admin for one tribute page for Ryu aswell as a large Ryu page on Facebook, one for old school anime/mangas/soundtrack and other old cool stuff. Really hope that I can atleast provide some Raws or something that I have for you guys. Thanks for giving me a warm welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

      • We definitely gonna hook up GouNoken, my buddy Nanto is my personal friend! Oh by the way i have the complete Spear of Ryu subbed but I do have the other Wof guys episodes, and since you asked about that particular show i will schedule the 3 rd episode to be posted next months KM.

      • KM: Wow! Thanks again for awesome answers, and the news! Btw: the anime is not called Spear of Ryu. That is the name to one of my dedication sites to the anime called Genshi Shonen Ryu. Not to be that guy, but right has to right and yes Genshi Shonen Ryu is already fansubbed by Hokuto no Gun and there are plenty of sites where one can download that anime. It’s among my top favourites in anime. Regarding Wolf Guy: on the day of the release I’m staying by some computer to watch, whatever else is happening is not of great interested that day if you understand, KM, haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve located Dezaki Satoshi’s works among other artist to get a fix of good old school anime. He’s the director/producer behind Mad Bull 34, Riki-Oh, Tobira o Akete, Grey: Digital Target etc, so now there’s between 12-14 new (old) animes to watch, most of them without subs. Take care, and as said before: You can send me a PM anytime.

      • Right now i have a few oldies getting ready to post this weekend so stayed tuned! This is classic Vintage Old School Anime, which this site is known for! Old and i got a few OVA Anime we still working on! So hang onto to your seats! KM

      • Really looking forward to those releases KM! I’m going to stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚ Meanwhile I’ll try to hook up an old Akai Cassette Player/Recorder ( from 1973 ) to the guitar and record some music along with watching some violent Dezaki Satoshi animes. If you want to support my new page that is a tribute to Genshi Shonen Ryu, old school anime/manga/soundtracks and other old cool stuff you have the adress here: http://oldanimeretrocave.blogspot.se/

        Would really be nice if I could get some help to ” fix ” up the site so it looks better among other things. So if anyone here that supports old school anime/manga/soundtracks and other old cool stuff, get in touch! Nanto already did the favour of adding me to his link list ๐Ÿ™‚ The post that are upcoming are more pics and soundtracks to old animes that I’ve ripped from Lp’s etc. Have a great everybody!

      • Hi KM. What a release spree! You’ve done really well to say the least. Today I posted 17 different old anime soundtracks on my blogspot. You might want to check that out. It’s a lot of gems that is ripped with the highest quality mostly from my LP’s. I’m trying not to buy Cd’s anymore. Just don’t like the format. Laserdisc, Betamax, Vhs, Vinyls, 78 rpms rules supreme here haha. On another note, I just won a soundtrack to Dragon Fist that I talked about on a Japanese auction and I’m trying my best to win the Miroku soundtrack along with the early OVA’s of Majuu Sensen so I’m starting to wonder since you can edit our replies here, is it safe to leave a mail adress or something so you can get in contact? Otherwise if you have FB and you make a like on the Rai Grottpojken / Genshi Shonen Ryu site and mention it’s you, I can advertise this site for you there aswell as getting in touch? It’s up to you guys. I want to talk about how much stuff I’ve found that is in good quality and it’s right up your ally to do some kind of project to, and I can provide Raws and perhaps QC? Try to edit the private stuff from this reply.

      • Hi GouNoken thanks for the comments speaking of which we had you inmind very much and look forward to discussing a collaboration with you on some Anime shows which we wouldn’t mind give your site the attention! You can always reach me here, I will also send yo a PM for details so check your email in a few days Oh by the way you mention a OVA Majuu Sensen well hold tight! cause we here at Kingmenu been getting ready to schedule this OVA which never been translated, hopefully we have it out in a month letting the cat out the bag so to speak! And a few more Surpises , We posted the archives upon your requests and we still have more shows we did a few years ago..to put up. Oh by the way welcome aboard the KM from Shockwave2015 and staff also check out his site! We will send you a PM soon. KM

      • KM: I shared a couple of my thoughts of this site including the fansub and some awesome animes on Facebook where I have alot of followers on espescially the Genshi Shonen Ryu page, there’s over a 130 people liking it now and it’s rising all the time and I shared it on my own personal wall aswell so now you got alot of attention I hope and new followers will come your way. Today I posted 17 different old school anime soundtracks on my new site that I told you about: http://oldanimeretrocave.blogspot.se/ It’s mostly from Lp’s that I’ve of course have ripped myself and they are in either .flac or .wave format because that’s the best.

        Aswell as I boosted the upcoming release of SF Saiyuki Starzinger ep 08 by Nanto & me. Really need to get that page organized like your’s and Nanto’s really. Is that something you guys could with?

        I have started to watch the OVA Majuu Sensen and the quality seems better then LD even though it reads LD in the file ๐Ÿ™‚ but I never get to finish it because I’m interrupted all the time haha.

        But I did manage to look at Kangetsu Ittou. That was a real good two-part OVA. After finishing Majuu Sensen I’ll carry on watching Taiman Blues and Phantom Yuusha Densetsu.

        Looking forward to your PM and thanks for the greetings Shockwave2015 and staff ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Hi KM!

        Regarding your mail:

        Have not recieved any email from you guys, not on my usual hotmail adress nor the gmail. Are you sure you got the right adress? Don’t want to leave it here out in the open for everyone to see, if you understand.. So how can we fix this? Can I mail you to some adress, and you reply? I’ve looked through even the spam folders.

        Today I listed you guys on my blogspot site. I’ve learned quite a bit on how to do things now there.

        Take Care!

    • Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your site links! Really appreciate that. Except from The Old School Anime & Retro Cave, I’ve also added Kingmenu on a new side page to it that will be the host to Old Vintage Tech Stuff: http://theoldvintagetechsite.blogspot.se

      Aswell as my own personal Facebook site which has a large amount of viewers and my Tribute page to Genshi Shonen Ryu on Facebook.

      After just 30 minutes or so that I had shared some links from this side, the comments just came rumbling in. They where all positive!

      Keep up the good work.

      Take Care!


      • Thanks! Haven’t check the PM yet i been busy these few days. Re posting the Shuten Douji OVA with a better Raw file from the previous ones which had an Chinese subtitles in it . so now the subs are more clearer and visual. KM

  3. Hey KM! Just recieved the huge package from Japan with:


    Dragon Fist


    Phantom Yuusha Densetsu OVA
    Otokogi 1-3 OVA
    Majuu Sensen 1-3 OVA
    Otoko Katayama Gumi OVA 1-2

    I guess you guys are interested in atleast the Miroku soundtrack since you have subtitled the anime. Haven’t recieved any PM from you guys. So get in touch as soon as you can.



      • Hi there KM. I’ve been having a breather from things aswell for a while, however I’ve managed to rip a couple of things etc. I’m going to fix a link to you personally via mail soon. So check your mail from our last correspondes and read them through. It’s gonna take a while before I can have this link ready since the stuff I’m uploading are quite large. It’s been difficult for some reason these past couple of weeks to even log on to your site and answer here so.. Therefor it would be much easier if we stay in touch over mail. /GnK

  4. Hey, man. I saw your page when I was searching for Red Baron Anime. It was a great job you did for the first episode but I guess that’s it. At least could you tell me where to find the episodes in Japanese with decent quality? I’ve been searching for a long while now and I can only find some Italian or Spanish versions with really bad quality. This anime was one of my favorite when I was a child, and I totally want to watch it again.


  5. Hey Kingmenu! When I found your Red Baron post I was so happy. That was my favourite childhood anime and eventhough I desperately searched for ways to watch it, I could not go further then few youtube videos. If you do know any way to purchase or watch this anime online please help me!

    • Hmmm..?? I myself been trying for months to obtained more episodes, I know ..exactly what you mean…as far as purchasing them..there may be a possibilities I look into it for you….KM

      • I tried to hack trough nicovideo links to get to the videos today after wrting this comment. Scripts in the page have some info about the video adresses, if I can do that I can rip the videos.

      • that’s tricky, because there site usually, specifies some of there videos shown in the mainland. I seen there set up..you may have to go to one of there Japanese sites and order the video, and that costly yen! Like Japan Videos.

  6. hello, im VERY interested in the original Tiger Mask anime. when will the series be translated? will there be a batch upload if the series is fully translated? will you upload to other torrent sites like kickasstorrents?

    please add a search function and a way to be able to better contact you like email or a social page.
    keep doing great work.
    best of luck. thank you for everything.

    • That’s a good question? as far as i know there no available RAWs on the Original series online anywhere? i do have the series but the audio is Italian ..maybe i will re approached it? i have done like 4 episodes a few years ago..but didn’t get to much oaf a response to it? If any other fans has the Raws I’m very much interested in doing that series..here a shout out to the fans that may have this.. let me know. In the meantime I will continue onward with Tiger Mask II KM

      • um, hey this is a year old comment so maybe i’m a bit late on this but if you’re still interested in subbing tiger mask some day, i do have the original Japanese raws. once i realized that the original tiger mask never got subbed, I searched them out for while and managed to find them so i could hopefully some day pass them onto someone who could do it. so if you want them i’m more than glad to provide.

  7. Hi I am a italian man and i have traslate the sub of cyborg 009 2001 now i want traslate the cyborg 009 1968 subtitles but i have found english subtitles for episode 1 to 13 and episode 16 so i see that the man have made english subtitle for episode 16 is shockwave that work in this site and i tell if possible to give me to mail the english subtitles for episode 14 to 26. Thankyou very much

    • Well actually episode 16 is an unaided episode of the series which had it’s history to that one..But as far as the other remaining episodes I myself shockwave is replying to your other reply hold on tight and be patience …Guilo San..well be looking into the site you describe the nya torrents soon. Cause we really had no intentions on doing the episodes of 1968..cause the other site, so to speak was still active doing that on a timely schedule..which we didn’t want to step our foot on what a great job they were doing…I will check with the skarohunting Society to see if they are continuing the series before we decided to subbed any of them…Shockwave 2017 and let you know.

  8. Anonymous Rotten Russians’ projects’ status:

    Metal Jack 01-04 released, 05-13 translated.
    Dorvack 01-03 released, 04-37 translated, editors needed.
    Lightan 01-10 released, 11-20 translated, editors needed.
    Ambassador Magma 01-10 released, 11-13 translated, timers needed.
    Shin Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Majinzan OVA 02 translated, editors needed.
    Lalabel 01-03 released, 04-07 translated, editors needed.
    Gandalla 01-02 released, 03-26 translated, editors needed.
    Nippon-ichi no Otoko no Tamashii TV1&2 01-32 translated, editors needed.
    Ganbare! Kickers 01-02 released, 03-26 translated, editors needed.
    Futari Gurashi 01-07 released, 08-19 translated, editors needed.
    Saikyou Bushou-den Sangoku Engi 02-03 translated, editors needed.
    Bosko Adventures 01-26 translated, raws needed.
    Kuruneko 01-99 translated, editors needed.
    Mankatsu 01-24 translated, editors needed.
    Submarine Super 99 01-13 translated, editors needed.
    Jetter Mars 01-13 translated, editors needed.
    Wild 7 TV 01-13 translated, editors needed.
    Barom 01-13 translated, editors needed.
    Granzort 01-41 ocred, editors needed.
    Jeeg 01-46 translated, editors needed.
    Nanatsu no Umi no Tico 01-39 translated, editors needed.
    Makiba no Shoujo Katri 01-49 translated, editors needed.
    Babel 01-11 released, 12-39 translated, editors needed.
    I-Zenborg 01-39 translated, editors/uploaders needed.
    Daimos 01-16 released, 17-44 translated, editors/uploaders needed.
    Gordian 01-03 released, 04-06 translated, editors/uploaders needed.
    Geter Robo Go 01-02 released, 03-51 translated, editors/uploaders needed.

    Mostly untranslated, editors needed: Hiatari Ryoukou! Kasumi Yume no Naka ni Kimi ga Ita, Red Baron, Judo Boy, Nanako SOS, Paul, Pollon, Hello Spank, Ai to Ken no Camelot Mangaka Marina Time Slip, Akuma Shima no Prince – Mittsume ga Tooru 1985, Bad Boys, Chocchan’s Story, Eguchi Hisashi no Nantoka Narudesho!, Happy Birthday Inochi Kagayaku Toki, Kaitei Sanman Mile, Momoko Kaeru no Uta, Nezumi Monogatari – George to Gerald no Bouken, Nyuuin Bokki Monogatari – Odaijini!, Otohime Connection, Shakotan Boogie, Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!, Ultra Nyan 1 & 2, Sango no Umi to Ouji, Akuma-kun Movies, Crayon Shin-chan movies, Doraemon movies, Minky Momo, Maeterlinck no Aoi Tori, Jarinko Chie, Francesca, Lunlun, Shonan Bakusozoku, Goulart Knights, Tekken Chinmi, Tiger Mask, Kyoujin no Hoshi, Jibaku-kun, Oh! Family, Chobin, Isamu

    Mostly untranslated, DVD & raw-providers needed: Ultraman Kids, Groizer, God Sigma, Bar Kiraware Yasai, Goal FH, Akadou Suzunosuke, Suzakinishi, Tanken Driland, Tobot: It’s Ok Tobot, Dragon Force TV+Movie, Belfy & Lillibit, Thunder Prince, Mirmo, Les tribulations de San Mao, PINOCCHIO COMPLETE SERIES, Mechander robot – The movie, Musashi Gun, Il girotondo rotondo di On Chan, L’invincibile Shogun – Il film, Shin chan: A ritmo de samba, La Gran Aventura De La Abeja Hutch, L’invincibile Ninja Kamui, Pack La Pandilla De Hanamaru 1ยช Temp, Musumet, Shin Chan Spa Wars: La guerra de los balnearios, Cosas De Locos, Alexander – The Movie, The Monkey Le Grandi Avventure Di Goku, Seine no Hoshi (Il tulipano nero), MONHUN NIKKI-GIRI GIRI AIRU MURA G, GUNDAM BIG EXPO SPECIAL STAGE BEST SELECTION, SD SUPERIOR DEFENDER GUNDAM FORCE SUBBED, Gold Wing 123 Blu-ray SUBBED, Mida, Hong Gil Dong 2084, Kaibutsu-kun 1980, Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru: Soukaizan Eiyuu Densetsu OVA, Yatterman, CalendarMen (Yattodettaman), I Predatori Del Tempo (Otasukeman), Arbegas (Albegus), Astrorobot (Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster), Super Robot 28 (Tetsujin 28)

    Possible projects (currently worked by other groups): Tetsujin 8 1980, Ginguiser, Ribbon no Kishi, Emi, Sanjuushi, Nell, Hiatary Ryoko, Persia, Trider, Baldios, Attack 1, Attacker You, Wingman, Lady Georgie 24-45

    Translators, uploaders & sponsors needed: any animes, movies & books.))

      • Full list, any help/joint will be appreciated:
        =Ambassador Magma\
        =Babel II [1080p]\
        =Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster=\
        =Casshern [1080p]\
        =Chou Denji Robo Combattler V – The Movie\
        =Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru\
        =Crayon Shin-chan Movies 4,6,7,13-16\
        =Cyborg 009 Movie 3 – Legend of the Super Galaxy [1080p]\
        =Doraemon Movies 20,22,23\
        =Dragon Quest – Yuusha Abel Densetsu\
        =Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo [Raw]\
        =Gatchaman Fighter [Remastered]\
        =GeGeGe no Kitaro (1985)\
        =Getter Robo Go=\
        =Great Mazinger [ARR-xPearse-mSubs][1080p]\
        =Groizer X\
        =Hatarakids My Ham-gumi\
        =Hello Spank 1\
        =Jungle Emperor (1989)\
        =Kaitei Sanman Mile\
        =Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack=\
        =Kouya no Shounen Isamu\
        =Kyojin no Hoshi\
        =Kyoryu Daisenso Aizenborg\
        =Machine Haybusa\
        =Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 2 [720p]\
        =Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru TV 01-45 [720p][ARR]\
        =Mazinger Z [1080p]\
        =Nanako SOS [Remastered]\
        =Nanatsu no Umi no Tico [720p]\
        =Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun 1\
        =Nyani ga Nyandaa Nyandaa Kamen 1\
        =Ochamegami Monogatari – Korokoro Pollon\
        =Osomatsu-kun (1988)\
        =Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan [1080p]\
        =Perman (1983)\
        =Platinumhugen Ordian [Remastered]\
        =Red Baron [1080p]\
        =Rerere No Tensai Bakabon\
        =Ribbon no Kishi DVD\
        =Rpg Densetsu Hepoi=\
        =Shin Skyers 5 1\
        =Tayou no Ko Esteban\
        =Tekken Chinmi=\
        =Tiger Mask II\
        =Time Travel Tondekeman=\
        =Tom Sawyer no Bouken [1080p]\
        =Uchuu Majin Daikengo [Remastered]\
        =Ultraman Kids M7.8 Sei no Yukai na Nakama\
        =Vicky The Viking\
        =Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace\
        =Yatterman (1977) [1080p]\
        =Zillion – Burning Night OVA [1080p][Dub]\
        Ai to Ken no Camelot Mangaka Marina Time Slip\
        Akadou Suzunosuke\
        Akuma Shima no Prince – Mittsume ga Tooru\
        Akuma-kun Movies [1080p]\
        Ashita no 11\
        Bad Boys 1\
        Bakugan DVD\
        BAR Kiraware Yasai\
        Belfy and Lillabit DVD\
        Bem 1968\
        Blue Noah\
        Danchi Tomoo\
        Dragon Force DVD\
        Duel Masters Versus Revolution 1\
        Eguchi Hisashi no Nantoka Narudesho! [Orphan-ARR]\
        Entaku no Kishi Monogatari Moero Arthur\
        Francesca – Girls Be Ambitious\
        Futari Gurashi\
        Gakkatsu! 2nd Season\
        Galaxy Express – Specials 2,3\
        Ganbare! Kickers\
        Garasu no Chikyuu wo Sukue Unico Tokubetsu-hen\
        GeGeGe no Kitaro 1968\
        GeGeGe no Kitaro 1971\
        GeGeGe no Kitaro 1996\
        Goal FH 1\
        God Sigma DVD\
        Goku’s Adventure DVD\
        Goldfish Warning\
        Goulart Knights ~Evoked The Beginning Black~\
        Gundou Musashi adover\
        Hiatari Ryoko\
        Hoshi no Ko Chobin\
        Hurricane Polymar DVD BD\
        Jarinko Chie 1\
        Jetter Mars\
        Kaibutsu-kun (1980)\
        Karasu Tengu Kabuto (EspDub)\
        Kick No Oni DVD\
        Kiss wa Hitomi ni SHite\
        Kochikame Movie 2\
        Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King\
        Konchuu Monogatari Mitsubachi Hutch Yuuki no Melody ๆ˜†่™ซ็‰ฉ่ชžใ€€ใฟใคใฐใกใƒใƒƒใƒ๏ฝžๅ‹‡ๆฐ—ใฎใƒกใƒญใƒ‡ใ‚ฃ๏ฝž DVD\
        La Seine no Hoshi\
        Maeterlinck no Aoi Tori\
        Mahou Shoujo Lalabel\
        Meitantei Rascal\
        Mida DVD\
        Minky Momo\
        Momoko Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo\
        Musumet DVD\
        Neo Faust\
        Nessa no Haou Gandalla\
        Nezumi Monogatari – George to Gerald no Bouken\
        Nippon-ichi no Otoko no Tamashii TV1&2\
        Nyuuin Bokki Monogatari – Odaijini! OVA 01\
        Oh! Family DVD\
        Ore-sama Kingdom\
        Oshare Majo=\
        Otohime Connection\
        Ougon But DVD\
        Paul no Miracle Dai Sakusen\
        Pinocchio DVD\
        Saikyou Bushou-den Sangoku Engi TV 02-03\
        Sangokushi 3 MOvies\
        SD Gundam DVD\
        Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! OVA\
        Shonan Bakusozoku\
        Sore Ike! Zukkoke Sannin-gumi\
        Submarine Super 99\
        Suzakinishi DVD\
        Tanken Driland DVD\
        Tanoshii Muumin Ikka\
        Technovoyager (Thunderbirds) DVD\
        The Adventure of Little Carp ๅฐ้ฒค้ฑผๅŽ†้™ฉ่ฎฐ\
        Tiger Mask\
        Ultraman Kids 3000 DVD\
        Ultraman M78 Gekijou Love and Peace\
        Yusei Kamen DVD\

  9. Hi Kingmenu, I’m a new fan of the work and site. Glad I was able to find all of this available in 2019! I thank you and the staff for all the hard work put in making the impossible possible.

    I’ve been in search of a way to see Kurenai Sanshiro with english translations and am pretty happy to see that they exist. Unfortunately, it seems that episodes 1-6 are no longer available here. Will they be re-uploaded at some point?

    Thanks again!

  10. Hello, did you guys translate all La Seine no Hoshi 39 epsiodes? if so can i have a link to download please? thank you for your work ๐Ÿ™‚

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