8-Man Episode: 31 Ghost Highway

This is one of the “lost episodes” That Kingmenu finally decided to release. Yes Kingmenu, drop this one off to the Menu Staff today. He said hi to you Anime Fans! He’s really hoping to get back into this… and he stated from time to time he will drop off some of his personal Subs. Anyway moving forward we are so ecstatic to see this episode Ghost Highway! It one of the serious 8-man fan favorite that was lost here in the U.S.. yes this is one of those lost English dubbed episode years ago from the Tobor the Eighth Man Show! Hopefully one day the English dubbed will pop up!

National highway 99 along the coast.It is rumored that hitchhiking should not be picked up on this road, which has been called the Ghost Highway. If you see a black shadow raising your hand on the side of the road, run away at a tremendous speed. Otherwise, you will experience a horrifying horror. In the foggy night, you’ll see a flock of trucks piled up with building materials .But no one knows where the flock of trucks goes. On that ghost highway, that accident happened on a misty night. That all I’m giving away fans!

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/edlb66c4hia6c36/8th_man_Episode_31Ghost_Highway_KingMenu_Subs_2021.mp4/file