Sasuke Re-Mastered Episode:01 Wind Transfer Is Here!


Sasuke ” is a manga work of Japan by Shirahoshi Shirahara . Kobunsha boy comic magazine “the boy “1961 from July 1966, all 55 episodes until the issue March has been serialized, 1968 in TV animation was also of. 

One of the masterpieces of Shiraishi Sanpei. Through the fight with the assassins in the Tokugawa direction, I will describe the activity and growth of the boys ninja · Sasuke in Koka style. The character died in a lovely picture and unrelenting evil in a merciless picture, and it was a work that contrasted with the then-released comic book. Ninjutsu used in the work has been censored by scientific commentary, and even children who were readers of the time were written clearly and carefully. The title at the time of publication of the magazine is the 1st part of “Sasuke” from the July 1961 issue to the February 1965. The second part from the May 1965 issue to the March 1966 issue is “Sasuke Part 2 “It was.

Initially it was a series in “juvenile” journal, but from the December 1961 issue it will be in a form to be serialized in this book and its appendix book. Appendix The book included the continuation of this journal. After that, it was serialized in the appendix book after publication in the “Shonen Manga Book”, which is a combined appendix book of the July and August issue of 1962 (other writer’s manga and appendix book in conjunction form). The last three episodes from the January issue of 1966 to the March issue are published in a complex appendix book “Boys Punch”.

In 1963, Hakuzo received the 4th Kodansha Children Comic award in this work and ” Seaton Animal Notes ” . In 1968, it was made into a TV animation, and in conjunction therewith a remake version was serialized in ” Weekly Shonen Sunday ” ( Shogakkan ) Broadcast by TBS affiliate from 3 September 1968 until 25 March 1969 . Co-production of TCJ (now · Aiken ) and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting).

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