Kingmenu: Summer Special Present: (Nagagutsu o Haita Neko) The Wonder World Of Puss-n-Boot.

Greetings fans of the classics oldies anime: here’s a gem for you, it one of the hardest one to find..or hardly ever be seen.. but a few clips or segments of this theatrical movie by Toei Company Nagagutsu o Haita Neko?.the original name literally “Cat Who Wore Cavalier Boots”)  The film is particularly notable for giving Tōei Animation its mascot and logo and for its roll call of top key animators of the time Very few fans has this and purchasing it is even harder cause it’s out of print. So you know  Kingmenu gladly present this classic gem to you fans..with subtitles, this is from my private collection we hope you enjoy this..while in the meantime we will be going back to the old formatt presenting some oldie anime series and gearing up to bring back the long awaited Tiger Mask II series and Kurenia Sanshiro will be returning also! Yes fans in a few weeks ,,so stay tuned. In the meantime we hope enjoyed this gem KM.


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Kingmenu Summer Special:”Prince Wanpak’s Orochimachi 1963 Movie

Hey Fans, this is an oldie from Toei during 1963, a classic Prince Wanpak’s Orochimachi, Movie , The story goes Susanoo, who is still a child, but a stronger owner, lost his beloved mother and was sorrowfully sorrowful.
He who can not understand death thinks that his mother has gone to a distant country somewhere, decides to make a ship and go there.
While traveling, Susanoo meets Princess Kushinada who has a mother’s face, but she was targeted to life by Yamata no Orochi.
In order to save Princess Kushynada, Susanoo assumes the extermination of Yamata no Orochi famous Japanese myth, which Toei made into a theater animation. a0265223_139591

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