Holiday Special: Osamu Tezuka – Adachi-ga Hara

This is a story of an astronaut who is sent to a penal colony planet, and there meets an old woman who shows him the truth of life and love. Originally a short Manga in “The Lion Books,” it was made into an animated series. The chief character, Jess, fights to bring down the dictator of the federation of the Earth and other planets, but is arrested by the federal authorities and sent to a penal colony planet. The story focuses on him, using Japanese Noh drama “Kurozuka” as a motif

  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Director, Storyboard, Character Design and Original Picture: Sakaguchi Nao
    Rendition: Yoshimura Fumihiro
    Planning: Matsutani Takamasa
    Executive Producers: Shimizu Yoshihiro, Kubota Minoru
    Animation Director: Kobayashi Junji
    Art Director: Ichihara Mieko
    Shooting Director: Shirai Hisao
    Animation: Kitamura Naoko, Kobayashi Junji, Ishiguro Atsushi, Dragon Production, and Studio Dub
    Animation Inspector: Kitamura Naoko
    Finishing: Fukuda Ikiko, Okano Tsutomu, and Peking Sharaku
    Color: Okano Tsuyoshi
    Backgrounds: Ichihara Mieko, Kushiro Hiromi
    Editing: Morita Seiji
    Sound Director: Chiba Koichi
    Adjustment: Yoda Akira
    Music: Koroku Reijirou
    Effects: Kurahashi Shizuo
    Sound Producer: Senda Keiko
    Studio: Seion Studio

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Merry Christmas From Kingmenu & Shockwave 2016 and Crew. Holidays Special: Gekko Kamen Movie 1958 is here!!

Yes fans we proudly present what fans has seen a few months ago, on the A-! City site that try to promote this..but you know Kingmeu, step out of retirement to get things running, and we are dedicated to you the Fans and Shockwave 2016 is all ready and gear up for more surprises, Oh this is a shout out for GouNoKen again we thank you for your input and your dedication to this genre and thanks the plug in on your site. And we vice-versa us. Onward now to the goodies.  f月光仮面 – Gekkō Kamen) July 30, 1958; Directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi is the first installment of this ongoing movie series. Yes you read correct..ongoing movie series we have plans to do all of the movies. which will come out periodically next year 2017. From the

To coincide with the Nippon Gendai/Senkosha TV series, Toei produced the Moonlight Mask theatrical movies. This was Toei’s first involvement in the tokusatsu superhero genre (although their first original superhero production was the TV series 7-Color Mask in 1959). All movies (which are in black-and-white, just like the TV series) are basically feature adaptations of the show’s story arcs, and were filmed in “ToeiScope” (2.35:1).

For these movie versions, Jūrō Iwai/Moonlight Mask was played by Fumitake Omura.

  • Moonlight Mask (月光仮面 – Gekkō Kamen) July 30, 1958; Directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi
  • Moonlight Mask – Duel to the Death in Dangerous Waters (月光仮面 – 絶海の死斗 – Gekkō Kamen – Zekkai no Shitō) August 6, 1958; Directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi
  • Look forward to the next  one coming soon! We do hope you enjoy this and look forward to your comments and not to mention our new translator Nokio and Sato, who will be along with the crew with Strikeforce and our resident translator form start Shockwave 2016 which you know next year he will change his name to 2017, he mind as well just called himeself Shockwave, but that’s another story. The staff here thanks you all for your support and be safe for the holidays always Kingmenu.



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