Tiger Mask II “Episode 22” Take Bronze Muscle! Is Here!!

Hey fans! This is the Showdown you fans been waiting for!! Tiger Mask Verses The Bronze Muscles or Satan Muscles if your prefer..we know you fans gonna enjoy this!! I sure did!! Here’ the load down!! Time unlimited one match of the Tiger vs bronze muscle started. In the corner of the muscle, the perch Mystery boy Pete. Because muscle was the Chief of the natives of the Himalayan Outback was mistaken for a Yeti The muscle body this muscle armor. So how is our hero gonna handle this? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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Kingmenu Summer Special 2017: Movie Gatchaman 2013 English Subtitles

Hi Fans, been meaning to post the summer special a few months ago, being that the summer will soon be over..I couldn’t let this go pass without out traditional summer specialwell here it is… Gatchaman is a 2013 Japanese tokusatsu superhero movie directed by Toya Sato based on the classic 1970s anime television series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Enjoy the movie KM.
Initial release: 2013 (Thailand)
Director: Tôya Satô
Story by: Tatsuo Yoshida
Screenplay: Yûsuke Watanabe
Costume design: Daisuke Iga
Tori Matsuzaka
Ken Washio, the Eagle
Ayame Goriki
Gō Ayano
Joe Asakura, the Condor
Ryohei Suzuki
Tatsuomi Hamada
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