Psycho Diver OVA

Yuki Kano has it all: fame, wealth, the world at her feet. There’s also something very wrong with her… from time to time, she’s totally unable to sing (which, for a pop star, is not good). Enter Bosujima, a “psycho diver” with the capability to enter people’s heads and straighten out what’s wrong with them. Well, most of the time, anyway. This is one from the private collections of KM we had for some time. Bosujima,is actually a “psycho-diver”, he has the power to enter the minds of people tortured to heal. Of course, it does not do this for free. But this time he will have to accept a mission against his will, and at the same time he will realize the multiple issues of this case, he must fight for his survival.Animation Production:Madhouse Studio Juni 1997 Ova.

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Toki no Tabibito. Time Stranger Complete Movie


Agino Jiro escapes the despotic world of the twenty-fifth century by stealing a time machine. He’s forced to highjack a car to use as a power source in the twentieth century, and accidently brings a group of high school students along with their teacher with him. They make brief stops during the fire bombing of Tokyo, the Meiji Revolution and the battle of Sekigahara to escape the Time Patrol agent sent to hunt them down. Their final destination is 1582, where they become guests of Oda Nobunaga, just four days before his assassination. They then must make a hard choice about whether or not to change history.

This is one of the OVA we been meaning to get around and do for months, From the vaults of Shockwave collections.

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