Tiger Mask II Episode: 27 A gun that calls a storm! Is Here!

Hey fans! Were on the way getting closer to completion..Yes and here the latest installment, Tatsuo and Midori who came out of the cafeteria of the city came across with a woman of a lovely Arab. She was an anti-government activist Gina who secretly came to Japan aiming at Hassan’s life. To find out why? Well you have to see this exciting episode, and like always we thank you fans for your support ..Kingmenu and Shockwave 2019.


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Update Fans: Tiger Mask II Episode: 26 Stan Hansen Anger! Is here! With New Download Link!

Hey fans of Tiger Mask II, the long wait is over…Kingmenu and Shockwave is back. With  the new installment of Tiger Mask Nisei yes…we start off real slow this year.. have to take time off to concentrate on personal life with family the whole crew needed a break! But were back and will keep a steady schedule soon! Now Onward Story:As you may have notice this series incorporated actual real life wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher, as you seen in the previous episodes and now  another actual wrestler Stan Hansen appears, with a cameo from Bruno Sammartino! The leading wrestler, Stan Hansen holds a press conference early on in Japan, and declares a challenge to the space wrestling federation. Hansen hopes that he will win the battle and clear the fight against the Tiger. Upon hearing the news, the leader, Hassan, ordered his aide, Girad, to hit the secret weapon Devil Puma against Hansen. Just a little bit of the story but you have to check it out! We do appreciate you fans as always..we’re grateful  for your support as always KM & Shockwave  and the Staff..and oh yes we got some surprise  in-stored for you and a return of an translator that was with us in the beginning of the series ..can you guest? Well stay tuned! This post is dedicated to Mr. Stan Hansen one of the Greats in Pro Wrestling!




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