Astroganga! Episode:01 Is Here Now!

Here is one of my favorites, earlier Mecha Robots shows! Yes! Astro Ganga! is a Super Robot anime series created by Knack Productions. It consisted of 26 episodes and originally aired from October 4, 1972 to March 28, 1973.This was the first Super Robot show in color, beating Mazinger Z to the air by two months.I been sitting on this for some quite time! Almost a year actually. Put it off to the side, so I finally got around to doing this one! Astroganger is very different from most of the robots of the genre. He is a sentient being who can talk, think, and feel pain. He has no special abilities and must rely on his strength to win battles. translated by Kingmenu rendition by Shockwave 2014vlcsnap-2014-11-29-22h45m01s9vlcsnap-2014-11-29-22h45m22s11vlcsnap-2014-11-29-22h46m10s230vlcsnap-2014-11-29-22h47m00s235,_Shockwave_2014_Official_Subs.mkv

Fans Asked For This! So Here Comes Tiger Mask Episode.02 Tiger The Stormbringer DDL Is Here!

Here the direct download to a long awaited episode of Tiger Mask Episode:02


I been getting warm requested on this series of Tiger-Mask! We knew we were on to something! Shockwave nudge me about this series! I was very reluctant to do another, since my schedule is loaded with others shows I’m trying to get out at record time! But a fan wanted to see another well hope that I would continue this classic anime show! Which is almost completed! Truth of the matter when i first started subbing anime this was one of my first shows that I always wanted to see, Its a very human story dealing with a lot of issues about how people view orphans besides the sport aspects of the story and Nanto Date aka Tiger-Mask dealing with the evil organization the Tiger Cave where he was taken to as a child to learn how to wrestle and make money for the organization he betrayed! This was a…

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