Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau! Is Coming Soon!


Okay Anime Fans! This is one of the moments, the staff here been waiting for quite a long time.Let’s Go Back! Way Back! The Year 2014 actually. This project was started back in October 2014. And was very enterprising, It was original slated for Shock-wave Sub site. To give  good old Shocky his push in his site. But you know how things got. During the months we were just getting other shows, after shows and many fans requests. Which were still working on doing ! Oh yes we haven’t forgotten anyone of you’ll requests. Oh now back to the story this was one of our favorites OVA Anime Movie. And at the time the longest one we ever try to tackle. Being as powers as we could not control cause of the other shows schedule we periodically work on it slowly at first Shockwave, started beginning to translated and lost interest, it was to time consuming, we thought of  about getting outside help on translations. Which you know is costly! So we quietly put it up on the shelf. Sub-consciously in the back of my mind i frowned cause i like the characters in this story and it was very adult, and was geared for his site. So the months went on and poor Kaura Mau went into obscurity. Now it was a few weeks ago a newcomer fan mention this show, and recalled our earlier post here which we upload  the trailer. And asked the question about this OVA? I at first forgotten about that post! and i said to myself let me called up Shockwave, and asked him does he still have the script? This was like early in the morning at 2am..poor Shocky!  Finally contacted him, and he had to look for the script which took a few days. Then he had to find the Raws, Which I’m thankful he kept it. Being a true Anime Fan I knew he would. So  a few weeks ago, i myself KM kick back in my work shop, and went over the script which was half way translated . i mean really he hadn’t even gotten to the middle of the movie! And I decided with the knowledge and all my skill to take a crack at this! Well it took me a week and a half But finally its a Rap! so Stayed Tuned for our Next Post Presenting at long last Hengen Taima Yakō Karura Mau! OVA which we give the details of this Movie!

The Skaro Hunting Society Up Date! Yay!

It appears that my old blog has vanished into the ether. RIP old site, 2009-2015. I’d finally broken the million page-view mark this summer, but life goes on.

The old site can be accessed through the archive.org Wayback Machine here. The torrent, and DDL links still sort of work, just right click on them, select “copy link location,” paste the link into your browser’s URL bar, edit out the extra stuff from archive.org and hit enter.

Over the next few days I’ll try to re-do my last few posts (that had not been saved by archive.org yet), then I should have some new episodes to post soon as well.

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