Tiger Mask II Episode: 24 Is Here! Tiger Vs The Butcher, Kingmenu

Yes fans your favorite character is back! with the latest installment..getting on the way to getting these episodes out for you fans! And oh this is a big one! The title said it all! Yes The Abdullah the Butcher,  a real actual wrestler. Make his appearances in this saga! And boy does he brings a impact to the story-line..but i’ll let you be the judge of this. as always, brought to you by Kingmenu and Shockwave 2017 and Staff.


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Kingmenu Presents: Director’s OVA Cut Future War 198X New Link:

Yes fans this is an updated version from the early one with better and clearer subtitles..and picture quality. The early one we posted was done quite sometime ago, and we decided to post it, which I personally myself wasn’t to pleased with it.. But you know Shockwave wanted it to be posted. but after viewing it..I personally  decided to upgraded this gem and make a Directors OVA Cut for you Fans….So Enjoy






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