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    • Hey Kingmenu,

      I love Tiger Mask and I’m wanting to show people clips from your translated subtitled videos. I’m trying to contact you to ask permission to use your fansub Tiger Mask episodes for making clips to share on YouTube. I will totally credit you and Shockwave’s work.

      • Also, is there any chance there might be more subtitled episodes of Tiger Mask 1969 in the future? People NEED to SEE this anime! I watch it without any subtitles in Italian. I can’t understand a word spoken, and its STILL FANTASTIC! I know not being able to understand what’s being said really turns a lot of average would-be fans off. I want to find a way to show people how great this show really is. At the moment, I’m just clipping edits of the Italian dubbed episodes and showing the clips on my YouTube channel. Its all I’ve got. But I’m trying to get this great classic wrestling anime some much deserved love and exposure. Great work on the episodes of Tiger Mask that you have worked on. Thank you, SO much, for helping those come into existence in the English fansub world of anime!

      • Hey its funny you mention the 1969 series, As of now I’m working on episode 06 ..and it’s slowly coming along…I know the fans are waiting anxiously for more as well as Tiger Mask II so hold on to your seats…KM

      • How would I find it? Is there a search function on this site? I haven’t been able to find it. Or, would you be willing to post the link in your replies?

      • Well i just found out! We never posted that one..been so busy doing other projects ..give us an hour…and you will see the new post and thank you for reminding us…Wow! KM

      • Just saw the link come up on my notifications. Thanks, again, so much, KingMenu! This was a fantastic surprise!

      • Hey Matt I don’t mind that me and Shockwave really don’t have a problem with you uploading to You-tube..the problem with that is the copyrights of the media..cause of the company..Just be careful cause I know for fact you may get your channel flag by Toei and You-tube and I don’t want you to lose your channel and get it terminated…Toei is a beast when it comes to there anime and you have to remember that our subtitles are fan-subbed…without there consent..that’s the reality of internet.. and especially You-tube …I’m speaking from experiences…as on of my fans that has a channel called Skull Truth has face oppositions and had to take down some of our old subtitles shows cause of the company copyright policy..I know fans want to see these shows but if Toei can’t make a profit off of there property..they rather that it not shown at all..sadly. I speak the truth on this..since i face that issue yrs before you do that think of the consequences you may be facing..but thank you for your message..Kingmenu & Shockwave.

      • You got it. I really love old 1969 Tiger Mask, and since you guys’ subs have been the only way to understand what’s being said, I GREATLY admire and APPRECIATE your efforts.

        Thank you so much for subtitling this show.

  2. Hey I managed to find the Italian dvd srt files for the wholes series of both the Tiger Mask show from the 60’s, 80’s, now what I did was I google translated the text to English but the final product did not come out great plus the italain subs are synced to Italian dialog so at times it does not match up with the Japanese audio, so Im posting here looking for someone to fix up the subtitles if anyone is interested im willing to send the files via email so please contact me thanks

  3. Hi! I have 3 qustions:
    1)Can you reupload Kurenai Sanshiro 1-7?
    2)Will you continue Tiger Mask II?
    3)May we do joint on Bad Boys OVA?

  4. i got all 25 eps of kousoko esper raw from ebay doy you need a set???if so send me an address where i can send it to you……….felix rodrigues

  5. Hello! I managed to find your page just by cheer luck, and wow you guys ROCK. I have been trying to find the tigermask 1969 anime subbed for 15 years now. Sadly it was only dubbed into four episodes in my country, and i have watched that VHS casette a million times since the 90s, it is probably my favourite show ever and i really want to finish it somehow. Do you guys have any plans to continuing making subs for the show?
    Sorry for the long message!

    • It’s okay for the long MSG….for your question on Tiger Mask 1969 series yes..right now most of my STAFF are quarantine..and bring out new ones has been trying at this time we been delayed for a few months…but yes we planned to do more…KM

  6. Hi. I’m love what you guys did with the first 3 episodes of the classic Tiger Mask. Have you completed the English subtitling for rest of the 105 episodes? I know many people that are really interested

    • We haven’t even begin looking at the other episodes yet.. since we have a back catalog on other projects still needed to complete…but we will periodically post episodes for the fans since, that a very large series. If you’re preferring to the 1969 series .Menu-Staff

    • It’s was on the schedule a few months ago… but was taken off. But fear not some of it has been done…but other shows took on top list..but we’re working on it..just stayed tuned KM.

  7. Hello, is there any chance you could re-upload the Dangaioh trilogy please. As the original links are now long gone.

    • At this time, we have no plans on doing the other 2 Movies, since we lno longer have our original translator right now for that movie but we’ll wait until we get an able translator..I know …we do want to do the others but until then we’ll keep you posted..unless there an good translator out there making a shout to up and coming translator give Kingmenu a msg. But thanks for asking about the other movies we do have them…Nanairo Kamen King Rose

  8. Hey Kingmenu, I am interested in getting with you to help sub Idol Tenshi Yokoso Yoko. You interested hit me up on discord at MrCatFord#7386.

  9. Hello, is there maybe a chance that you will sub Bad Boys OVA? Atleast episode 4 and 5? Thank you for your work!

  10. A lot of newcomers get the misconception that we just do any and everyone Subs, or they come we need their help …but not to be point seems that they using the ploy to get what they want..we don’t mind helping or collaborating but it has to be on equal terms..and so far outside my dear friend GoNoken who we respect and love to work with always and Nanto, the others who come with their agendas wanting to gain info or our sources look to the website , We do requests for time to time, but were not working for no one but ourselves and to the to the others with their new sub sites ..if your into Subbing be true to it, and their is no short cuts and we are not the ones to be used in any disrespectful manner. If you want your subs translated then learn the culture language or hire a translator…cause we are not the ones that going to be used or abused.Kingmenu, SHOCKWAVE & Menu-Staff .

  11. Hi, I’m a Tezuka fan.
    Thank you for sub and share classic anime.
    I would like to get the Big X episodes that you subtitled but I don’t know exactly which ones or how to download them.
    I hope you can help me.

    • Big X…??? Wow! It been years, not even sure the links still works?? But if you scroll down our web page they should be still there in the archives post KM

    • Actually those links no longer exist…and that was way back in 2014. We’ll have to search for that show in our vaults…I beleive we did only 3 episodes stay tuned KM

  12. Hi! Amazing site, thank you. I just got done looking through all the archive pages (and then discovered the masterlist post with all of the releases listed lol). I came here for Nanairo Kamen, but discovered all sorts of awesome OVA and TV and movie content!

    Just wanted to let you know, your Puss in Boots link has been taken down– it says it was a copyright claim by Paramount Pictures, which makes me think they mistook it for the OTHER Puss in Boots animated movie.

    Anyway, thanks for all you’ve done on here!!

  13. Thank you very much for translating the Yankee Reppuutai ova, keep up the good work with the other ovas of this anime.

    And if you can you could also translate the last 2 ovas of Bad Boy, those are not translated anywhere.

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