Yokohama Meibutsu Otoko Katayama Gumi!

Hi Fans this is a double Blast Event. I’m very proud to bring you this rare never before seen OVA This is a joint collaboration from  GouNoKen sit. Which truthfully would have never seen the light of day. It has it rough moments in post-production and was originally slated months ago to be posted on both sites. But differences got in the way of things and the project was put on the shelf. I myself was a bit upset, and truthfully didn’t want no parts of this. Months later during my semi-retirement. I decided to Redo this ova, the original one which was done had very bad translations and fonts were not up to part..which  GouNoKen didn’t approved on and the translation was not accurate, which I myself now agree. So I took another crack at it and redone the ova. To my friend  GouNoKen This one for you! And we at the Kingmenu Site hope you like this presentation and look forward in the near future 2017 doing more Rare OVA thanks again GouNoKen. From Kingmenu and Staff. Now onward to the Ova

Yokohama Meibutsu Otoko Katayama Gumi!  From the anime encyclopedia  Story The city of Yokohama has become a lawless district for biker gangs. One particular gang, the “Crazy Babies”, have a 17 year old leader called Hiromi Katayama that is famous throughout the entire Kanagawa alliance as being a strong fighter with a devout sense of morality. However, when a young rookie by the name of Toshi Ikeda wants in, he swears to Katayama that he will uphold the ideals of the Crazy Babies and vows to not fight with anybody for his first probationary month within the gang or else forfeit his chance to join the gang.

Ikeda being the fiery young man he is, soon finds himself caught in the middle of a fight and unintentionally sparks off a feud between the gangs of Kanagawa and the dangerous Nagoya based group, The Dragon Star Crew, who have their eye on taking the whole of Kanto.

Can Katayama defend Yokohama from the encroaching hoodlums?



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Taiman Blues: Ladies Hen Mayumi (OAV) 1 Is Here!!

Hi fans, Kingmenu is back with another joint collaboration project with the /  Yes,  GouNoKen will be surprised to see this one makes it day view! I kept this one on the shelf for quite sometime,and wasn’t planning on posting this gem. But since it near Christmas why not! We want to thank The Retro Cave for kindly providing the Raws for this, and yes check out there Site, For  real cool Anime of yesteryear’s  and soundtracks, tell em Kingmenu sent onward to this Ultra-Rare OVA Taiman Blues is actual a 2 OVA with complete stories, and  maybe in the near future we’ll get around and do the other one. Synopsis from the Source: The Anime Encyclopedia,  describe it fully . Fifteen-year-old Mayumi has to move to the rough end of Osaka when her parents split and remarry. She meets Noriko, who helps her settle into her new life. Through Noriko’s job at a petrol station, they got to know Big Bear and his biker gang, and eventually get into their own gang of girls racers.Aired: Apr 5, 1990 to May 25, 1990, P.S. Look forward to more Surprise Soon KM.


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