Tiger-Mask II Episode:03 The deadly battle masked men! Is Here!

Who is the mysterious fighter Space-Mask? And what is his true purpose?  Yes fans! here another episode of Tiger Mask II, Yes we are having a blast with this series! and we hope you get on the ground floor with this!  Tiger Mask II (1981–1982) series, Production Co: Toei Animation. vlcsnap-7994-06-05-20h10m01s877vlcsnap-3441-01-18-01h29m47s088vlcsnap-3420-08-03-06h53m14s460vlcsnap-7274-05-24-17h30m27s772vlcsnap-4792-12-01-10h25m15s924vlcsnap-9245-05-24-21h05m29s615vlcsnap-8572-08-21-01h32m54s628vlcsnap-8758-07-22-21h04m55s669vlcsnap-9732-03-27-21h06m02s561vlcsnap-4837-01-05-08h39m44s611vlcsnap-9106-10-03-08h40m37s692

Direct Download: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/fuqive7i24u7npv/Tiger_Mask_II_Episode_03_True_Kingmenu_first_2015_encode.mkv

Subtitle Rendition Shockwave 2015


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