Kingmenu: Thanksgiving Special: Ultram-an Kids Visiting Mother 30 million light years. Is here!!




The character “Ultraman Kids” is a mischievous and naughty and never-honored student, but with a adorable cuteness. Around 1980, the “Kids” character, created by a bold attempt to deform the giant hero Ultraman, was born with a variety of related goods by design policies that emphasized laughter and cuteness.


M7.8 stars where monsters and ultra warriors live happily, a rescue boat arrives in the school yard of the star, and Grosser raises the child who was left on the rescue boat as “Mar” and raises it. Ma is having fun with the surrounding monsters and friends, but it is completely unknown where the parents are doing. Meanwhile, the school is about to graduate, and everyone decides to go out to space drive with their own spacecraft to commemorate graduation, but suddenly the spacecraft runs away and flies into space with Ma and others on board, Bartan, the Baltan Alien, uses the spacecraft “Baru” made by his mother to help Mars, and they search for Mar’s parents and start an adventure around the universe.

Voice appearance

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