Shin Nanairo Kamen aka (New Seven Color Mask) Part 5 “Map of Dragon Tiger”Is Here!! Kingmenu Subs 2021

Yes fans, Kingmenu is back with an exclusive one for you fans..You know we always have a surprise for you fans! This one is for you fans…Shin Nana-Iro Kamen which originally was Nana-Iro Kamen (Seven Color Mask), the Japan of television drama . Makeover hero was the subject special effects at work, 1959 June 3, from 1960 June 30 to NET aired on system. From the 5th part on January 7, 1960, the lead role was changed from Susumu Namishima to Sonny Chiba , and the title was changed to ” New Seven Color Mask “. Produced by Toei TV Production [2] and sponsored by Kabaya Foods . We been holding on to this one for sometime, but we knew you fans of the day know who this actor starring in this show is..and yes to you karate fans this is the very first appearances of Mr. Sonny Chiba..of the Street-Fighter fame..and appeared in the Kill Bill Movie and is very well know for all of the shows he has appeared in over the years which I can’t even begin to count..moving on we planned to do this whole epic storyline… So grab on to your seats cause here we go! KM


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