24 Hour TV Specials: Fumoon Summer Vacation Special Menu-Staff 2021

Hello fans…Here is our summer special for you fans!! Normally Kingmenu and Shckwave always give fans a summer special , but thia time we decided to do so with the great King of Anime Dr. Osamu Terzuka..Yes..Here is one of his classic Anime we hopeyou enjoyed this. Story: 24-hour TV anime special ‘Fu Moon’ Horseshoe Island in the South Pacific. On the island, a new human being of several tens of centimeters appears, which looks like a combination of humans and insects. Dr. Yamadano, who considered this a precursor to a global disaster, appealed at an international conference, but his voice was silently killed by the two major powers. Around that time, Yamadano’s old friend, a private detective, Shunsaku Ban, became a prisoner of war for new humans, and his nephew Kenichi and his sister Peach explored the connection with the animal disappearance incident, such as the newspaper reporter Rock. With the cooperation, head to Horseshoe Island. And there you will know important facts. -Delivery schedule-Limited time delivery 7 / 27-9 / 10 18:00 -Staff- Original: Osamu Tezuka From ‘The Coming World’ Production: Osamu Tezuka Planning: Kaoru Yoshikawa (Nippon TV), Tadahiko Tsuzuki (Nippon TV) Composition, direction, mechanical design: Takashi Sakaguchi Producer: Toru Horikoshi, Takayuki Matsutani, Toru Komori Drawing director: Osamu Tezuka Art director: Kiyoji Miyamoto Assistant director: Yoshihiro Shimizu Setting design assistant: Gen Sato Character design: Osamu Tezuka Title: Takayasu Fujii Original: Makoto Ito, Shunichi Sakai, Yuzo Tomizawa, Kazuo Yamazaki, Toshiki Yoshida, Shigetaka Kiyoyama, Teruo Handa, Akihiro Kanayama, Sadayoshi Tominaga, Junji Kobayashi, Takateru Miwa, Kozo Masanobu Video: Yumiko Shimamura, Konoko, Akiko Murata, Keiko Shimizu, Mikiko Takanashi, Masahiko Imai, Ikuko Kanda, Tatsuya Ishiguro, Masateru Yoshimura, Yasuo Ishii Recording Director: Satoshi Kato Music / Theme Song Composition: Yuji Ohno Insert Song: ‘Ai no Hoshi’ Lyrics Yamakawa Keisuke Composition and Arrangement Yuji Ohno Song ANKH Produced by: Nippon Television, Tezuka Productions —



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