Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki (Karura Mau Movie) Remastered Shockwave Subs 2021

Okay many fans been searching for this early subbed we did 6 yrs ago..and we had a request from fans to see this, so we updated it a bit and have a new link..the rest is history. Shoko and Maiko Ougi are apparently two ordinary schoolgirls in pursuit of graduating and having fun. Shii-chan is the more serious while Mai-chan is more fun-loving. In reality, the two sisters are powerful exorcists from the Karura temple. Each wields half the power…Shii-chan can “see” the spirits, and Mai-chan can banish them. This is the movie adaptation of a spooky series with heavy emphasis on traditionally Japanese occult themes. based on Nagakubo Takakazu’s Karura Mau! manga. the author often talk about things related to Japanese history, religion, mythology, folklore, theatre, and the like, Translated by Kingmenu Subtitle by Shockwave2015 This is actually a Shockwave Subs so enjoy.



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