Carol OVA 1990 Menu-Staff

The year is 1991, London. A girl called “Carol” plunges into the forest with courage, where the devil “Gigantica” hides waiting to recapture the sound. She does not know the countless wicked “Rydah” are waiting…

Carol was originally a novel written by KINE Naoto (木根 尚登), the guitarist of TM Network (aka TMN), a very famous J-pop band. The story was made into a one-shot OAV featuring character designs by shoujo manga artist KOUGA Yun (高河 ゆん). The soundtrack, of course, was provided by TM Network.

Carol is the tale of a teenage girl whose life seems normal enough until she notices music disappearing from all around her, such as the sound of Big Ben, her father’s cello-playing, and the concert of her favourite band, Gaball Screen. After hearing some mysterious voices, Carol is transported to a fantastic world where she must fight against the evil monsters who are stealing the music from Earth. She meets and is assisted by three dashing heroes: Clark, Tico, and Flash. These three are based on the members of TM Network. Clark is based on KOMURO Tetsuya (小室 哲哉), the producer, songwriter, and keyboardist of TMN. Tico, with his characteristic sunglasses, is based on KINE Naoto. And finally, Flash is based on UTSUNOMIYA Takashi (宇都宮 隆), the lead singer of TMN. Source of information


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