KingMenu Subs Presents: Little Mermaid Series:03 PUNKY FUNKY BABY

The third work of the Little Mermaid series:

Story-A planet where certain aliens coexist, where everyone lived in peace. However, the exclusive aliens who refused to coexist formed a city called “Promised Land” and continued to refuse people’s invasion due to fear.
 Fami and Cyan were entangled in a runaway tribe on their way home from shopping, and when they escaped, they accidentally set foot on the “promised land
. This is a find for old anime fans, during there experimental period of OVA during 1985, you would be surprise how uncensored these early anime originals were but that the history…I know you fans asked why are we posting these type of early hentai Anime.. well the reason is for the fans of anime of yesteryears when these shows were only to be view on VHS back in the day, and as you know many fans couldn’t afford to purchase these early VHS Due to the import cost. And back then they were just to expensive. And sadly a lot of them are now out of print or forgotten. But were just letting you know Kingmenu just representing them to the new generation of fans as well as the old… and please don’t shot the messenger. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten our regular shows. were just having fun now brushing off and discovering these old unmentioned OVA of yesteryear. So enjoy!


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