Lolita Anime

Hi fans, we been quite busy here, just focusing on some oldies OAV or as we know them today as OVA, this one is  first erotic original video animation  depicting hentai scenes which include yuriBDSM and lolicon characters. It ran from February 1984 to May 1985 and consisted of six episodes.[1] Lolita Anime ” is an adult animation based on Fumio Nakajima , produced by Wonder Kids and sold from February 1984 to May 1985 [1] [2] . It is the first adult OVA in history and includes elements such as lily , BDSM and lolicon. On today standards this would be consider the gran daddy of hentai Anime being the first. When it was first released the public response were Negative assessment has raised a large number for this work, The Anime Encyclopedia In this work, called it (while events on the fiction) rape scene and underage girls of bondage scene of the yakuza was particularly unpleasant and it is. But being an old anime fans of classic anime, this OVA hasn’t been seen anywhere, So me and Shockwave decided to present this to the many fans that never seen this.. or heard of this, that would like to view this.. and please don’t shoot the messenger, it’s the first anime that deal with sexual theme, we warn you fans…but overall consider to today’s standard, it’s quite tame..let me know what your impression is… KM.


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