Lolita Anime Vol.2 ! Milk Nomi Ningyo-OVA Kingmenu Subs 2021

Story ・ At the beginning of the Showa era, Aki, who lives in a tropical colonial port town, is a little confused by the recent changes in some parts of her body. She is invited to the birthday party of her longing classmate Sonya …

“Can I have hair on my cock and live properly ?! In the latter half of the story, Kenichi, a childhood friend of Aki, shouts on the hill. Immediately after that, Aki puts his lips on his lips and gently mutters in his heart, “Can I have hair on my cock and live properly?” When they were little, they were naked and chatting together. When I entered puberty, I was confused by the changes in my body.

 Well, let’s say, the theme of this work is “pubic hair”. The same is true for ↑. Then, when Aki got naked in preparation for going to the party in the early stages, she suddenly grew a little bit in her crotch …!
Basically the story gets confusing.. focusing on the growth of the body. In addition, it seems that this work was the only one that drew pubic hair in the anime around this time. By the way, this Nikkatsu series doesn’t look like a bidet, so it’s uncensored … It’s the same with corrections, but wasn’t it a bad time to draw pubic hair at this time? This is also the source of bidet ethics trouble. Overall this is one of the episode during their experimental time in OVA that also got a bad reception.. but that’s history of one of the most sort after OVA for Anime collectors… it’s even harder to find this on vhs or the images.. But Kingmenu and Shockwave pull through, let us know what you think.. and please don’t shoot the messenger again another rare classics. KM


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