Itoshi No Betty Mamonogatari -Kingmenu Subs 2021

Hey fans, this is Kingmenu, with Shockwave, once again we pulled out and obscurity..Ultra-Rare back in the day OAV yes OAV back then..for you die-hard anime fans.. this one was made in 1986. And we had the pleasure of translating this one for of our many surprise.. From today stand I guess this would be consider an Hentai Anime… well it borders close to one.. But it’s a fun Anime and we hope you all enjoy. Here’s a Synopsis from the MyAnimelist site and thanks.. for this A devil-girl with the face of an angel and a heart of gold, blond Betty falls in love with an earthbound gangster, Danpei Kimogawa, when they meet in a rainstorm. They end up living together in a Tokyo highrise apartment, though Danpei has trouble coping with his new witch and demon in-laws dropping in at inopportune moments. Betty has actually been sent to the human world on a mission to defeat the demon Lutan. While Betty continues her task, her skeletal grandmother sends nubile nymphs to tempt Danpei and see if he is suitable husband material. Drop us a comment fans let us know if you like these rare VHS gems!!


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