Shin Karate Jigoku Hen OVA:01

Here we go again, with another rare OVA, brought to you by yours truly Kingmenu and Shockwave2021… this one we had for some quite time.. sitting in our folders files, and the other day just browsing thru my old hard drive discovered this. After looking over this I quickly called Shockwave on board. He remember this one quite well and had an rough old translation of this.. well anyway it didn’t take the two of us to get this to you fans! He the basic story

A returning veteran and karateka from WW2 starts working for the yakuza, looking for a man strong enough to kill him. After becoming karate champion, he joins an Italian woman who is looking for revenge against the nazis who killed her family.


Space Patrol Hopper, Patrol Hopper Space kid Jun Episode:01 Kingmenu Subs 2021

Greetings from Kingmenu, yeah I’m here with Shockwave, dropping off another one for you diehard fans! Yes, this is one I know you\ll will be chattering about… one of our surprise, and we do have a bundle of others coming your way! Patrol Hopper Uchukko Jun was broadcast entitled” (Patrol hopper Uchukko Jun). All 44 episodes. Broadcast time is every Monday from 19:00 to 19:30 ( Japan Standard Time ). Story: Inside a spaceship that traveled to space for the purpose of contacting aliens, he was seriously injured in a conflict between those who tried to use the scientific power of aliens for military purposes and those who tried to prevent it, and the universe of Hoppa star Jun, an earthling boy rescued by the patrol corps, becomes a cyborg with the scientific power of Hoppa star at his own will, becomes a member of the space patrol corps, and fights to protect the peace of the universe and the earth.