50 years Exciting DNA DNA Treasure Pilot Film Denjin Arrow 1965 Shockwave Subs

“Denjin Arrow” was serialized in 1964, and a sequel appeared after more than half a century. It sold out in a blink of an eye at Comiket (Comic Market 93), which was the venue for the show. In response to its overwhelming popularity, the second volume of the 60th anniversary edition of “Denjin Arrow” has appeared.

An invincible super cyborg, Denjin Arrow, who has successfully repelled the strongest rival, Phantom X Fighter. However, his nemesis hasn’t given up yet … The next thug will be the strongest swordfighter “Cutterman” trained by the Phantom X Fighter! Cutterman attacks Denjin Arrow with a meteorite sword, which has a terrifying sharpness created from meteorites.

In this work, Mitsuru Miura, who prevailed in “The Kabocha Wine” in the 1980s, is cooperating in drawing as an assistant. Mitsuru Miura retired as a cartoonist in 2017, but he was a big fan of Denjin Arrow because he was a big fan of the electrician arrow because he was a big fan of Daiji Kazumine, who has a close relationship with him. is there. This is Shockwave2021,been holding on to this for some quite time..hoping that some more footage would surface..history note Daijji Kazumine the creator is the brother of the famous artist Jiro Kuwata… the creator of 8-man, I hope you enjoy this small presentation… Shockwave.



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