Ryuseiki Gakusaver (Japanese)Shooting Star Gakusaver ep. 01 Menu-Staff

A gigantic meteorite landed on Earth a few years ago.

A mysterious capsule believed to have belonged to the aliens has been discovered.

Called the “black box”, an international organization called “Project BB” was created to research it.

Eight boys, including Manabu Yoshimura, attend International Academy, a school located near Project BB’s headquarters.

They are attracted by their teacher Toukichi Hashiba’s promise of “I will give you credit for the class”, and end up getting involved in your experiment.

The experiment was to enter the eight empty meteorite chambers.

According to Hashiba’s theory, the meteorite must respond strongly to strong human thoughts.

He tells them to have a clear picture of an incredible looking giant robot; if they do, something must happen …

Then, a large spaceship appears in the sky and an alien that calls itself Wercury appears in a 3-D image.

He says he is from the Star of Prokimasi and that he came to collect the meteorite from the Choshin people.

If they do not deliver it, it will challenge the terrestrial beings to a battle.

Manabu and his friends are confused by the unexpected turn of events, but the meteorite responds to the group’s thoughts and suddenly begins to transform into a giant robot.

Then, attacked by the invading robot Prokimasi, they are forced to gather their forces and fight.

But it is extremely difficult to gather the will of the eight as one and the robot cannot fight the way it should.

The giant robot that Hashiba called “Gakusaver” and the eight of Manabu; can they protect the Earth and the meteorite from Prokimasi’s invasion? (Source: King Records).



Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy

Otaku no Seiza tells the story of Fuyuu City, a place built in space far in the future. Aurora, a group of five attractive women, control the city. Men in the city are treated poorly compared to women, until the protagonist finds himself in the middle of the city with amnesia. Outraged, the protagonist decides to defeat Aurora and gain rights for the men of the city.