SEIDO NO MAJIN (BRONZE MAGICIAN) Part 4 Finale Kingmenu is back!

Kingmenu here, I’m very excited to present to you the finale installment of the Bronze Magician, and must of this presentation we owed it to our fellow buddy and his site for providing the RAWS we thank him for his dedication to such rare Showa Classics. The movie or Serial adaption is from the 1949 Book or Novel as I would say by created by Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo. What can we say! This is the one you been waiting for!! And now it’s here. Brought to you by Kingmenu and Noriko. We thank Noriko for her technical support and efforts always. And thank you fans for all of your support, and we hope that you will still be around for more exciting surprise instore…so hold on to your clocks and keep your windows closed we don’t want the Bronze Magician entering your homes uninvited…Well drop a comments.. let us know that our fans are still here …now enjoy KM.


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