Seido no Majin (The Bronze Magician) Part 2 ENIGMATIC LUMINOUS CLOCK 1949 Serial Is Here!

Well fans! Kingmenu is here! And I know that many fans been waiting on this!! We posted the first Part way back in 2015, Wow! 6 years ago, and I know old fans been wondering will they ever see what happens to Detective Akechi Kogoro??? Well fans gather together cause here it is!! But first let’s us refresh your memory on the Serial Movie. Writer Edogawa Ranpo first created this character in 1925, in the story “The Case of the Murder on D. Hill”  Akechi is the first recurring detective character in Japanese fiction and is clearly inspired by Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Like Holmes, Akechi is a brilliant but eccentric detective who consults with the police on especially difficult cases. He is a master of disguise and an expert at judo whose genius lets him solve seemingly impossible cases. Also like Holmes, Akechi makes use of a group of young boys to gather information. His version of the Baker Street Irregulars is known as the “Boy Detectives Club”. Kogoro Akechi is a tall, handsome man with heavy eyebrows who dresses well. He is married to a woman named Fumiyo  and lives with Kobayashi Yoshio , the leader of the Boy Detectives Club. Kobayashi often plays an important part in solving cases. Like his mentor, he is an expert at disguise and is especially adept at posing as a young woman. Aside from these relationships little is known of the detective’s personal life, which always takes a back seat to the mystery in his adventures. Bronze MonsterSeidō no Majin, 1949) is the 5th novel. Where this serial is base upon. It’s great to be on here periodically, and also we have translator on board Yeah! Noriko! And also a great thanks to my buddy Nationalkid..for supplying us with this gem, which is a joint project. Oh don’t worry this time you won’t have to wait another 6 years for the rest! And we have plenty of more coming your way! Drop a comment, let us know if you like to see more of the old classics?? KM.


3 thoughts on “Seido no Majin (The Bronze Magician) Part 2 ENIGMATIC LUMINOUS CLOCK 1949 Serial Is Here!

  1. Hey King! Thanks for the email! I’m so excited to see you back on track with these Shonen Tanteidan movies! I have others and will see if I can find them. (been moving around a lot the past few years!)

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