Welcome Fans to the Menu Staff 2021 Infini-T Force the Movie is here!!!

I know all you Diehard Anime fans has been wondering what happened these past 9 months with Kingmenu site?? Sadly Kingmenu has taken a leave of absence. Which includes his companion Shockwave….. I know this is terrible news to you fans. And this brings up the questions on projects that you’ll been following. Like the Tiger Mask II and others series, fear not.. we have been left with the task to continue with those series.But first let us introduce you to the Menu Staff. We are the extra workers and friends that helped out in shows, and fear not we’re very familiar, on the Kingmenu schedule.. and we also have a few surprises, for you Diehard Anime Fans! And for openers we are presenting Infini-T Force (インフィニティーフォース, Infinitī Fōsu) is a Japanese 3DCG anime series featuring a crossover between characters from Science Ninja Team GatchamanCasshanHurricane Polymar and Tekkaman: The Space Knight, all series produced by Tatsunoko Production in the 1970s. But were presenting the theatrical film, Infini-T Force the Movie: Gatchaman – Farewell My Friend  released on February 24, 2018. It is distributed by Shochiku and Square Enix. The cast of the TV series reprises their roles, with the addition of Kazuma Suzuki as Joe Asakura / Gatchaman G-02 of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Let you fans know Kingmenu and Shockwave will return… in the near future, but until then welcome to the Menu Staff.

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/niwqrm986tx84qc/Infini-t.Fce.The.Movie.Farewell.Gatchaman.My.Friend.2018.DUBBED.WEBRip-English_encoded.mp4/file

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