Tiger Mask II Episode 28 “Terrifying Devil Chop” Is Here! King Menu & Shockwave Is back!


Greetings Fans, this is King Menu, I know we kept you Tiger-Mask II fans on the edge of your seat..anticipating on the next installment of this series  ..On many of our other posts we gave you updates on upcoming episodes  Well the long wait is ended .. Now at last.. we’re getting on track and focusing on completing this ongoing series…Yes after a few personal obligation in our personal life between me and Shockwave. We been wanting so much to wrap this up ..so we will now concentrate on Tiger Mask Nisei…so let’s go forth….Episode 28: Fearful Devil Chop  ..from here on forth each installments is leading to the finale..this is a must see for you Die-Hard fans…Story: Saiga regretted that he had lightly accepted the invitation of the Space Wrestling Federation because of his ambition.  He finally regains his conscience as a journalist. However, Geller, who took his sister Mina as a hostage, ponders and guides SPI units below Geller to Gina.
At the nearby Tokyo Gymnasium, the game of Tiger vs. Devil Puma has ongoing…Well we won’t give it away. ….We thank you for your loyality and patience as always we appreciate your support out there fans King Menu & Shockwave and Staff. See ya next month for the next installment KM.

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