Kimagure Orange☆Road OVA:01 Series, Is Here!


Kimagure Orange Road is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Izumi Matsumoto. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1987, with the chapters collected into 18 tankōbon volumes by Shueisha. The OVA version was released by Toho Video, an affiliate of Toho. The story is not connected to the TV version, and in the final round of the TV version, 15-year-old Madoka Ayukawa knows that Kyosuke Kasuga is a psychic, but Madoka Ayukawa in the OVA depicting the world of 15-17 years old Is set to not know that Kyosuke Kasuga is a psychic. Whereas the TV version often had more than one episode of the original, the OVA version visualized a longer version of the original (an episode of the original that could not be completed in one episode). In addition, there is a work in which the two original feature-length episodes are combined into one in the OVA version. Story: Kyosuke Kasuga , the eldest son of the ESP family, is a family of four , including Takashi ‘s father and twin sister Manami and Kurumi . The use of psychic powers was a secret thing only for the Kasuga family, and the Kasuga family relocated every time the psychic powers fell. The walnut ran 100 meters in three seconds using psychic powers at a former junior high school, and the Kasuga family moved to their new town on their seventh move. Madoka Ayukawa: Heroine of this work. When she first appeared, she was at Koling Gakuen Middle School for three years. Mysterious beautiful girl with long straight hair. Kyosuke is a classmate. His character is calm like an adult, but there is no place to grab him and he has a slightly whimsical place. He has a versatile talent to be brilliant, versatile in sports, good at cooking and sewing, and has a very high musical background. Hikaru Hiyama : A girl with an outrageously bright personality characterized by a crying burrow and a boyish chestnut short hair in the lower right corner. Kyosuke and Madoka are classmates of Manami and Walnut in the second grade. She is a childhood friend of Madoka, and since she is the only child she yearns for Madoka like her older sister. Just a breakdown of characters , but you really want to jump into this here it is, let us know if you like this classic OVA’s Note this is not the TV version of the series so no confusion . Thank you for our support KM.

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