Merry Christmas Kingmenu: Angel OVA 1990 English Subtitles


Okay fans we decided to dip into some light hentai Anime, with comedy situation  for the adult fans..we have many request  to do some so here one for  you mature audiences, Angel (written in Western characters since the original publication) is a long-running series of Japanese manga created by comic book author U-Jin . The original manga met with the controversy in 1990-1991 in Japan and was taken from its publishing magazine. He also had controversy in France. Angel was published in Brazil without licensing as Japinhas Safadinhas released in nine editions by “Bigbun” (erotic label of Editora Sampa). 

Six manga-based OVAs were released, although the first one has nothing to do with the five five, it was not released outside Japan. The second series of OVAs was released in several countries. The story is about the adventures of sexually driven boy Kosuke Atami and his friend Shizuka. It’s a gag comedy with strong touches of eroticism, where the main concept is how Kosuke helps people through the story.The first OVA, a single episode anime titled Angel, was released on VHS and LaserDisc on October 25, 1990 by Pioneer LDC’s brand Humming Bird

A sequel called Angel: the women whose delivery host Kosuke Atami healed (English title) began to be published in 2006 in Weekly Manga Goraku magazine . His sequel, Angel: The Women Whose Delivery Host Kosuke Atami healed season 2 , better known as Angel Season 2 , began publishing in the same magazine in 2008 and is currently underway. 

We will be doing more if we get more interest in the genre ..but were doing only the classic ones so let us know KM, Merry Christmas.

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