Kingmenu Subs Presents: Captain Future Episode: 03 & 04 “Space Emperor Appears” Finale 2 Parts Space Opera!!

Hey Fans, here’s another post of the classic 1978 Anime Captain Future, we hope you fans give us a response..and we may continue …but for now this final 2 parts of a  4 part episodes should we hope get you familiar with the character..Here is another breakdown for you if your coming in on it late….

The future when mankind entered the galaxy. In the seventh planet Megara star of Denneb, 61st star, the terrible illness “earth-turning disease” that the earthlings became monkeys was widespread. If this disease spreads to other stars, all planetary earthlings will be destroyed. Solar system chief cashew sends an information member to Megara star for investigation, but when the member becomes monkey, he leaves behind saying ” Space Emperor “. Cashew asked the galactic system’s largest scientist and adventurer’s captain Future to deal with this mysterious ” Space Emperor ” and “Ancestral Disease” .

 The futures headed to Megara star with their “Comet” aircraft, but the boy Ken Scott aspired to enter the future men was smuggled in the ship. The future willingly take Ken to the Megara star, but somebody has attacked it before the Megara star arrived. When the futures caught their opponents and knew they were subordinates of the ” Space Emperor “, they decided to wait for the Space Emperor , assuming that the future was dead . However, the appearing space emperor has no substance, and freely passes through the wall, so it can be caught without being caught. But I guess your wondering how Captain Future going to handle this villain??  Well you have to view to find out! 


Captain Future Episode:03

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Captain Future Episode:04

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