Ninja_Senshi_Tobikage_TV_Series Episode: 02-03-04″Is Here fans!”


Ninja warrior Tobikage ” (until the Nippon Television Network all 43 episodes in the system  was broadcast, Studio Pierrot (now Piero) Robot animation produced .In order to counter the Boom Army, Princess Romina searches for the legendary warrior “ Ninja ” transmitted to the Radrio star, which came from the Radio star of Sema, which is the opposite of the solar system that surrounds the Earth since 30,000 light years  And El Shank people. Are Jo, Lenny, and Mike that I met on Mars really the “ninja”?Zhou Maya (Mano Tablets)Voice- Kazuhiko Inoue The main character of the main story. 16 years old. Height 180cm, weight 70kg. Blood type is O type . Nikkei . Born February 28th .A citizen living on Mars, he was rebellious and rebellious against the hazard director. He came to cooperate with the Elshank camp that arrived there. An enthusiastic and very aggressive character who speaks only to the mouth, whether it is older or superior, this personality triggers Ilborah to leave Elshank later. She was also angry with Shaff because of the rant to Reny that she spoke in the fight with Mike. However, there is one aspect that is really insidious and bent, and has a kind and generous nature. Whether it was a natural thing as a pilot, it was a black lion at the beginning, and from the middle boarded in the shadows, fought the Boom army, and raised the merit of being beaten by Ilbola. As for color love Saya, I am very insensitive to myself and others. The family has a father, Matsuo,Lenny EyeVoice- Noriko HidakaThe main heroine. Height 160cm, weight 48kg. B85: W53: H86. Blood type is AB type . Born November 24th . At the beginning, he was 16 years old, but after 29 episodes he was 17 years old.A daughter of the pioneer Gas Eye who lives on Mars and is a childhood friend of Jou’s childhood friend (a character similar to her mother). I get involved in the battle, but later get on the mine thunder hawk. I had an unrequited love with Jou. It is bright and caring, and there is a crybaby and a stunning place. In addition, there was a jealous face, and Joh rebelled when he was involved with Romina and often ruined the operation.According to Toshihiro Hirano, Renee’s outfit was a costume with a T-shirt on top of a high-leg leotard , but in anime, the shirt length was increased and changed to a miniskirt. This is due to the consideration that underwear should not be visible, but Hirano commented that “this was a leotard and could not be heard no matter how many times it was not underwear . ” [Microphone coilVoice- Masami KikuchiJo’s brother. Height 175cm, weight 65kg, blood type B type. 15 years old.Says Zhou with his brother. Like Lenny, he gets involved in the battle and gets into the dragon. Contrary to Jou, he was a timid personality, but he challenged Jou to fight against unforgivable things. In love with Shafu, Romina’s shrine maiden, initially misunderstood that Jo loved Renee. He hoped that Zhou and Renee would work well, and when Jou was not celebrating Renee’s birthday and was enamored by Princess Romina, she was so angry and fighting with Jou. But basically, they care about them, and they responded to the enemy without any particular emotions in the immediate battle.Romina Ladrio Some of the characters info: for you fans! ninja killed Tobikage), the 1985 October 6, from 1986, July 27, We  hope you enjoy this show! KM.

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