Detonator Orgun OVA, Complete for the Holidays Kingmenu Staff, presentation

Greetings from the staff  of KM, we just want to add to the holidays..from out of the Anime vaults a classic Original Visual Animation..yes OVA  DETONATOR Organ ” (Detonator Organ) is OVA work by Haki Kakinuma originally released from 1991 to 1992 . All three episodes.Tomorrow (Shin Tomoru)Voice – Koichi YamaderaA 17 – year – old boy who felt the 20th century as “a good old age” while living in the ideal city of the earth <CITY – NO. For that reason there are nostalgic aspects such as watching the machine in the 20th century through the museum and wearing an old jacket ( uniform of the German Air Force ).We are sending everyday to play in the virtual reality world using a device (PASFU) which can not find future goals and freely manipulate the dreams seen during sleep, and among them received a call by a white armor warrior, but at the beginning I did not understand what it means to have a dream. One day, caught up in the urban area attacker of Ijduda, crisis with the unknown Shinto shrine who existed there, I am keenly aware of my helplessness. So when he wished for the first time “want power,” the armor warrior / organ that appeared in the dream appeared. I will merge with him and dismiss the leader of Idera.After that I was frightened by the memory vision I inherited from Organ, refused the link, but received the word “when the object to be protected was found fighting”, what something that should be protected by myself Think. In the battle unknown became companionship of love each other, and before the final battle fought they embraced each other and went to the battlefield.A jacket is displayed in the museum of the last scene, and it is understood that it died at the age of 35 years old (it is written as 2295 – 2330).


OrganVoice – Koichi YamaderaA detonator class warrior enough to be honored as a brave person among invaders “I-Value”. Miku is the head of the guard and the next head detonator, but at one point he betrayed the valueer and escape toward the earth. He is defeating a former colleague’s detonator while deserting towards the earth at super light speed. Height is as small as 2.5 meters, but a crystal of amazing technology that allows even a year to move a tremendous distance of 260 million light-years.Although it seemed to have been destroyed with the pursuits in the moon, it is thought that it was destroyed and destroyed, but while sending his own “design drawing” to the earth, based on its design drawing, underground plant of the defense organization EDF I was waiting for the resurrection quietly while continuing to call Tomoru.When linking with Tomor, when I dismissed the Idea da’s troops, I entrusted him with my memory and deposited data such as the reason why I came to Earth and technology of Idera. Just a bit of the background ..don’t want to give it all away..Season greetings from the Menu’s Staff.

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Seasons Greetings Kingmenu: Presenting Gunbuster OVA

A young pilot, daughter of a deceased space captain, is selected to pilot a colossal robot as the key point of Earth’s defense in a space war. Basic simple story from this 1988 OVA that long since been out of print and the first few episodes are rarely seen these days! But good old  Shockwave pull out his old DVD and decided it’s time to present these to you die-hard anime fans..So sit back and enjoy our holidays special which we have more surprise brainstormed for you.


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