Kingmenu Holiday Special: Super Dimension Century Orguss TV Episode: 01 Is Here!

Super Dimension Century Orguss was the second “Super Dimension” TV series turned out by Studio Nue in the early 1980’s, the first and third being, respectively, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Orguss ran for 35 episodes in Japan from 1983 to 1984; The story begins on Earth in the year 2062. The nations of Earth have condensed into two major superpowers. These two nations combined their efforts to build the Orbital Elevator, a massive elevator that stretches up and out of Earth’s atmosphere to the space colonies above. The elevator makes it possible to send materials into orbit quickly and easily, so naturally, the two superpowers begin fighting over who will control it. The two main characters of the series, Kei and his friend Olsen, are fighter pilots for one of the superpowers. The superpower they fly for has decided to end the conflict by getting rid of the Orbital Elevator. They plan to pull this off by sending the elevator into another dimension through the use of the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb (Trivia Note: In the show, it’s given the codename Chocolate Parfait Monster). Kei and Olsen are assigned to fly with the bomb and guard it until the engineers have activated it. However when enemy fighters begin swarming into the area, the engineers flee. Thinking he can do something, Kei begins to fiddle with the bomb. The bomb is booby-trapped against tampering though, and activates. But the bomb does not work as planned. Instead of sending the Orbital Elevator into another dimension, the bomb shatters all dimensions parallel to Earth, turning Earth into a mish-mash of every possible parallel dimension. The Earth is surrounded by a dimensional shell that can’t be breached, and within this shell different realities fade in and out almost constantly. Kei blacks out and when he wakes up, finds himself on an Earth he doesn’t recognize. Kei is found and pulled out of his fighter by the crew of the Glomar, an Emaan trading vessel. When he comes to, he learns from the Emaan that the world has been fractured into many different realities, with large portions of the Earth being controlled by 3 main powers; the Emaan, the Terram, and the Mu. The Emaan are near humans, identical except for prehensile tentacles that grow out of the backs of their necks – males have one, females have two. The Emaan are very technically advanced and make a living out of travelling around, finding and repairing technological items and selling them at “markets”. The Emaan are a fairly peaceful race. The Terram are humans, probably directly descended from the people of Kei’s world. Their society is built around their military and they tend to be a bit hostile at times (why is revealed later). The Mu are a robotic race, they were created to serve, but turned on and wiped out their creator race. The Mu are the most dangerous because they seek to wipe out all living sentients and take over everything. They also have some mastery over the dimensional shift technology, which they use to instantly transport themselves to practically anywhere on the planet and this makes them all the more dangerous. Fortunately for everyone else, the system doesn’t always work right. Tip of the hat to the site we got this info from if you fans want to lean more..we sure like this one, and we hope you will enjoy this  hard to find gem. KM


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