Ai to Ken no Camelot Mangaka Marina Time Slip (OVA) Kingmenu presentation

Here’s one for you fans! Rare one! 

Camelot manga family of love and sword Marina time slip case: Animation depicting the heroine ‘s success with the time slipping in the medieval Britain of King Arthur legends.Fumihito Hitomi In the movie conversion of the original novel “Manga house Marina”, the scriptCo-author of Hitomi Fujimoto and Mami Watanabe . Directed by Ishii Fumiko . Mr. Kozan Masahiro is in charge of drawing manager, respectively. The invitation letter of Kaoru ‘s birthday party arrived under Mari. Kazuya, Charles, Beauty-Maru, Kirk and so on are gathered for the party. At such time, suddenly a huge dragon appeared with the thunder, Marika who is taken away and Kazuya who pursues afterwards will slip time to the medieval UK as it is. So the six people who met Arthur and were invited to the castle are told that they are struggling for a battle over the throne after the death of the king, seeking the emergence of a true king and peace. The dragon was a messenger who received Arthur ‘s prayers. Mina Marina who was greeted as a hero solves the mystery of the Holy Sword Excalibur to be recognized as a true king. But behind that, the hand of the witch Dora who plotted to take over Arthur’s country Camelot was creeping. The sheath of Excalibur was taken from Mariana and in the hands of Dora. Instead of Arthur who hurt Marika by harvesting Mari, six Marika will stand up, but it will catch on the contrary. However, Mirina Reunited with the baby colon of the dragon will take over the sheath with the help of Colon, but it will be shaken by Dora who showed the identity of the witches. An angry Dora sticks Makina’s neck. Arthur pulled out the sword of Excalibur with full of mind to save Mirina, that is why he defeated Dora. Arthur’s justice and love created a new king. While watching Arthur who became king in this way, the six people got on the back of the colon and returned to the original world.


Ai to Ken no Camelot Mangaka Marina Time Slip.mkv_thumbs_[2013.09.15_23.29.21]

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Production Fumiko ISHII
producer Kazuo Nakano , Hisao Haruhi , Hiroshi Kato
Supervision Aizu
Original work Hitomi Fujimoto
Screenplay Hitomi Fujimoto , Mayu Watanabe
Planning Hiroshi Watanabe , Masamichi Fujiwara
Drawing director Masahiro Kozan
Character draft Taniguchi Ayumu
Theme song Masanori Ikeda
Edit Morita editorial office
Production Production Reed production , Asakkodo
Recording supervisor Katsunori Shimizu
Art director Hideo Chiba
Director of Photography Saito Akio


Marya Megumi Hayashibara
Gaza Koji Tsujitani
Kaoru Keiko Toda
Beautiful woman Seki Seki
Charles Hayami Shinku
Kirk Keiichi Namba
Arthur Kazuhiko Inoue
Dora Matsui Nanakurako
Simon Kenio Horiuchi
Ron Mari Matsuo
colon Yoko Matsuoka

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