Kingmenu Anime Presents: OZ Ova: 02 Re-Mastered Edition is here!

” OZ ” (Oz) is a sci-fi comic work based on Tsuki Natsumi . It is original OVA, radio drama, stage work.

Thirty years after nuclear missiles have exploded in the war and the world and human beings have been destroyed, despite the war and confusion, food shortages, energy shortage, desertification due to environmental destruction, etc., the world is unable to hope for the future There was a legend whispered on the backside. It was the existence of a huge shelter created by scientists (brain) groups before the great war. A state-of-the-art science city without hunger or warfare, its name is “OZ” (Oz).

Before the genius girl, Philisia specializing in bio engineering, a dead mother-like Cyberoid 1019 (Ten Nine Teen) appears. 1019 was the work of Frisian brother Rion and had a message from Rion to Philisia. “Let’s meet in OZ.” Frisicia who heard the message will serve mercenary Muto who was present on the spot and go on a trip to OZ.

DaB0CNNVMAAq8tK Direct Download Link:


VHS version: VOL.1 about 35 minutes, VOL.2 about 35 minutes. LD version: About 70 minutes of recording VOL.1 · 2.

Tatsunami’s first animation work created in 1992.

As a monobo to make a grand volume of all 4 volumes in 70 minutes with 2, there are many episodes cut off crying, of course. In animation, there is also a tree hope that “I want to show the last only firmly”, it is a bold structure. However, at the stage entering the script still “OZ” main part itself was not completed. Since I can not write a script unless I know the last, I got a plot from the last part sent to the tree. However, when drawing a bowl, the taste of the composition of a tree work is still not transmitted with only letters. In the desire of the staff, the tree raises the rough manuscript up to the last and reflects it in the storyboard. In order to make full use of the end credit wheat field of VOL.2, the end credit at VOL.1 is intentionally made black back.


1990 The outbreak of the third world war . Forty minutes after the first nuclear missile exploded, the nuclear winter attacks the world . Mankind survived only 40% of the entire population. The world was in a state of division and war and confusion dominated. There was a legend whispered among them. A huge shelter “OZ” made by a genius brain group before the great war. It is said that science is a utopia with no fight or hunger. While a girl, a genius scientist Philisia is protected by Mercenary Muto and heads for OZ. Her dream was to make it as long as you could overlook the desert. The travel of three people goes through the trials as 1019 of Saibanoid who I met on the way as a way to OZ. When I reached the OZ at the end of the journey, what three people saw … ….


  • Original – Natsumi Tane (Hakusensha ” LaLa ” series)
  • Production – Hiroshi Hattori, Toshio Ikima
  • Producer – Hiroshi Kubota, Yuko Sakurai, Tomohisa Iizuka
  • Setting – Masao Maruyama
  • Director – Katsuhisa Yamada
  • Screenplay – Mayu Fumi Watanabe
  • Character design / drawing director – Sugiyama Toyami
  • Art Director – Nobuhito Sue, Yoji Nakaiza
  • Director of Photography – Kinichi Ishikawa
  • Acoustic supervision – Honda Yasunori
  • Music – Yoichiro Yoshikawa
  • Production – Madhouse
  • Production Cooperation – Studio / Fantasia
  • Production · Writing · Publisher – Hakusensha , Victor Music Industry Co., Ltd.

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