5 years Anniversary: Kingmenu Subs Site…plus the long awaited return of Tiger-Mask II Series, Episode: 25 Battle of men.

Yes it been along time waiting but we keep our promises..and Tiger-Mask II is back! continuing where we left off…I  know I’m excited to see this one! But first we have to acknowledge our fans that supported us for 5 yrs. And Kingmenu and Staff are very grateful..that you are here with all your many comments and requests..oh yeah we read them all the god ones and the bad ones..but we maintain focus on the shows and rare ones you always wanted to see..so thank you for your support..Now onward to the story, A battle between Butcher and Tiger is incandescent from the beginning. Butcher delivering good hell butts, Tiger keeps dodge it on paper. Butcher Karate attack of master gama Otena director is truly amazing. However, Tiger is not defeated, trying a counterattack with karate chop. The battle for retreat continued. Butcher, who grabbed the pace with a weapon’s parasitic attack, finally burst into the tiger’s throat a powerful hellcake. A jumping and elbow drop hit to catch up to Tiger on the mat. In the audience seats, Hassan and Mr. Pro Karate King · Killiams were watching the game staring. Just to get you ready we’ll let you judge this one for yourself..


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